Monster Community Pool – 6/30/2015

One can never have enough greenery.



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24 Responses to Monster Community Pool – 6/30/2015

  1. catweazle says:

    That’s a nice young Aryan man they’ve cast as middle-aged Jewish father Sandy Cohen!

  2. Sota says:

    I so so so badly want to go to The OC musical. I sent the link to my brother and we are legitimately considering flying out for it. If that happens (slim to none) I promise that I will write a very long and starry-eyed review post for this blog.

    • catweazle says:

      If you promise to go I’ll promise to post an OC recap next week.

      • Sota says:

        Ahhh. Tickets aren’t even on sale yet. I should probably start soul searching about how much I would be willing to spend on this adventure. I still want your OC recaps though.

  3. flanny says:

    I get grandpa-style second-hand embarrassment from Trebek anytime he does literally anything.

  4. If she can’t finish “In West Philadelphia…” she’s too young for you, bro.

  5. artdorkgirl says:

    GUYS!! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting a divorce!! I’m sure all of Brookline, MA is going to be devastated!!

    • Sota says:


    • That’s weirdly a bummer to me. Maybe it’s just time for Ben and Matt to finally declare their love for each other?

    • Wallflower says:

      I’m sad about this too. I know she’s an actress so I don’t know what she’s like really, but she seems like an awesome person. And even though Kevin Smith doesn’t like her (my husband told me something about this – maybe he heard it on his smodcast or whatever it’s called), I feel like she was probably justified in whatever she did. I like early Kevin Smith movies but as a person he seems annoying and I wouldn’t really want to hang around him either. Oops….seems I got sidetracked. Anyway, I’m hoping she will find a lovely man who treats her well. I feel like Ben will most likely join Leo’s pussy posse (gross, sorry).

    • Ugh, last month I decided to give up reading gossip blogs and this news is not helping me to stay off them. I want to read all of the details about the moving trucks and the gambling binges. Help me stay strong!

  6. That pool looks sooooo nice.

  7. martinmegz says:

    You guuuyyyyyys I have awful news. My parents, my brother and his family are going to San Diego for the holiday (also my parents’ birthdays) and I’m going down to meet them for a few days, which is great. But my brother has decided to make his birthday gift to my parents a family portrait (an idea that I conceived and executed brilliantly for their birthdays just TWO YEARS AGO so not really original here!). First he wanted me to change my train tickets so that I would have to get up at 5 am to be there in time for a morning photo shoot, which I declined. He didn’t even say please, so fuck that.

    Now he’s scheduled a late afternoon shoot on the beach and just informed me that we’re all wearing white shirts and jeans like a bunch of weirdos on He didn’t specify whether it’s white shirt and white jeans, or white shirt and regular jeans. What do you guys think? I hate this so much.

    • artdorkgirl says:

      Gross. I’m sorry. You should wear off-white, just to be different.

    • Sota says:

      I really hope that your whole family owns white jeans. I am pretty sure if I informed my father that we were all wearing matching white jeans to something he would kick me out of the house. Seems like normal jeans are a safe assumption for you to have on this.

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