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Are You Afraid of the Dark: the Tale of the Phantom Cab

In the year of our lord nineteen hundred and ninety, something truly glorious happened to Canadian youth. A group of rag tag misfits snuck out of their parents’ homes to throw flour on a fire and tell each other spooky … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Movie Assignment #17 (Although!)

Turns out there was no #15. There was #14 and then accidentally I skipped to #16. I was never great at math/counting. Or was I? Because remember, we had a surprise review of Bottle Shock (still our worst movie). We … Continue reading

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My Most Hated Chore

If my dishwasher ever breaks, I’m hiring these guys until it’s repaired. Via DPnF

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Monster Community Pool – 6/25/2015

Most elaborate swimming caps I’ve ever seen… WHAT?! A special Seth and Amy moment. Is this our generation’s “You’re holding it wrong“? Stop jerking us around, companies. What is your elaborate swimming head piece of choice?    

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We Haven’t Had a Good Haunted Thing Lately

So in that vein, please look upon this story about a….stalked/haunted house, and despair. I for one would hate to buy a house, and then start getting letters from “The Watcher”.  

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Monster Beauty Corner: June Edition

IT’S SUMMERRRRRRRRRRRR!!! No, I wasn’t just introducing myself in a super rad and tubular way, but it is the actual season of Summer now! Yayyyyy!!! Summer always a weird, if fun, time for beauty. You want to have liven things … Continue reading

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Taiwan Has Watermelon Bread Squares and Life Isn’t Fair

I’ll be honest: I don’t really like watermelons. The texture makes me want to crawl on the ceiling for some reason. And let’s be honest: the flavor is basically just sweetly earthy water. And while I’m at it, until about … Continue reading

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So, How Was Your Day?

I’ve been almost embarrassingly domestic lately, cooking and cleaning and arranging furniture, and today was no exception. But it’s so nice to have my own place! I’m sure the bloom will be off the rose soon enough and I’ll descend … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Movie Review: Jolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter’s Cove (2005)

In which I finally watch a DVD I’ve owned for years, long after doing so could have any meaning.  Why’d I Buy It? I live in Hollywood (I have mentioned this before). I came here eons ago to write movies … Continue reading

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Big Time Spider-Man News

Yesterday brought some of the most important news a Web Slinger fan could possible hear.

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