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It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

What are you doing this weekend? It’s supposed to be hot and stormy here, so I’ll probably stay in and try to get some writing done (so, I’ll read and watch TV. I just started watched the first season of … Continue reading

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Tell Us About Your Hometown

I try to avoid thinking about my hometown as much as possible because it is a garbage city full of jerks, but today I was confronted with a Facebook trending topic about how the famous Christian college in my hometown … Continue reading

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A Different Way of Doing Things

Sometimes those things can be tough to open. Via Pleated Jeans

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Monster Community Pool – 7/30/2015

They have fun. Thanks, music. The real questions is are our sisters ready? You still want to buy the world a Coke, Draper? This is just a good prank waiting to happen. Also, a happy birthday to Lisa Kudrow!  

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Today’s Epic Breakdancing Clip

Get down, Supafly. Get all the way down.

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Monster Beauty Corner: July Edition

Yes, I realize it’s almost August, shut up. Ahhh, late July. We are truly in the dog days now friends. Hopefully you are spending most of your time either inside air conditioned buildings, or pool/beachside sipping a fruity, frozen beverage.

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Are You Ready for a New “Little Women”?

This is a group of readers.  I think we all know this.  And, as much as we love our gents around here (I’m looking at you FRQ and Hotspur, you fine gentlemen!) this blog has quite a few ladies that … Continue reading

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Park Elsewhere

There’s an eternal battle on the roads between cars and bicycles.  The balance is usually tipped towards automobiles, but once cyclist has had enough. Via Tastefully Offensive

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So, How Was Your Day?

It’s too hot to be alive right now, but otherwise, my day has been good! I’m feeling better and have most of my hearing back, and have been able to complete basic tasks like cleaning and buying food, so I’m … Continue reading

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What’s In The Box?

I recently went through a round of spring summer cleaning, and realized that my wardrobe could use an update.  The problem, at least for me, is that shopping for clothes can be a giant pain in the ass.  Purchasing individual pieces … Continue reading

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