To The Victor, The Spoils (Biscuits)

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My apologies for a lack of posting action during the quarter and semi-final stage of the Women’s World Cup. I’ve been visiting the motherland (Greece), which, as you can imagine, is quite busy right now… of which more another time.

But now it is with great pleasure that I announce that the Homeless Monsters World Cup Sweepstake has a winner!

Before I get to that, let’s run back over the semi-finals. And what drama there was! The USA took on Germany in the first match, triumphing 2-0. That meant the USA hadn’t conceded a goal in five matches. Sadly, that put out Collin0truckasaurus. Thank you for playing!

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Then England took on Japan in the second match, losing 2-1 in heartbreaking fashion. Poor Laura Bassett scored an own goal barely minutes from the end of the match. The England women went on to take third place in a play-off against Germany, though, and I can tell you that they are history-makers. I haven’t seen coverage of women’s football like it before. It’s nowhere near the level of the men’s, but it’s an important stepping stone and I bet they have inspired hundreds of kids to play the game.

Also, I know this is a bit of PR on behalf of one of the team’s sponsors, but I really liked it.

So Dukespidermonk was out too, leaving Nastyemu’s USA to take on Theresa’s Japan!

The final, on Sunday night, was a repeat of the 2011 match, when Japan beat the USA 3-1 on penalties. So could the USA make it an Independence Day weekend to remember?

Well, yes, as I am sure you have heard by now! The Eagles (as they are not? But should? be nicknamed) romped home 5-2, with a hat-trick (that means three goals, America) from Carli Lloyd. Revenge is sweet, huh, guys? I offer my congratulations, even if I would have loved to have seen England make the final. And win. I’m also thrilled that a crowd of 53,000 watched – that’s a very decent Premier League gate here, so it’s wonderful to see women’s football taking off like this.

So… we have a winner! It’s Nastyemu, yay, go you. I do have a small prize for you, though if you don’t like biscuits, chocolate, etc, then it may not be worth claiming… If you *do* fancy it, then please mail me the best address to send it to. If you mark your message FAO Gnidrah and send it to then it will reach me!

Thank you one and all for playing. I’m sorry I didn’t commit to it as best I could have done, but will be back with more fun and games ASAP!

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13 Responses to To The Victor, The Spoils (Biscuits)

  1. flanny says:

    Yesterday’s game was so so good, and I also found out that Abby Wambach went to school with my cousin, and that school was run by the same type of nuns who ran my school! So, basically Abby and I are best friends!!! USA USA!

  2. FRQ says:

    This was basically me those first 16 minutes.

  3. bradleypvfc says:

    Follow back pls

    • gnidrah says:

      Bradley, are you a Port Vale fan? I don’t know if we will get along as I am a Chelsea fan, but we can try.

      • bradleypvfc says:

        HI Gnidrah, yes I am a Port Vale fan. Home and away, travel all over with them. I’m also a Tennis fan, where I am currently enjoying watching Wimbledon. Well Vale and Chelsea have no rivalry. Good luck in the coming season. I look forward to seeing and reading your blogs. Thanks-


  4. catweazle says:


  5. artdorkgirl says:

    I feel like I can send you all sorts of dubious news tips now!

  6. nastyemu says:

    Good job, ladies.

    Thanks for organizing this, Gnidrah. No need to send me a prize, this feeling of national pride is more than enough for me. USA #1 forever

    • old man fatima says:

      Um, I’ll take it then. British chocolates are the tits. Send to Fatima, C/O the Governor General, Canada. The Queen has the address.

      • gnidrah says:

        Ah come on! If you want a tin of Royal Baby biscuits, they’re all yours. If not, I will have to eat them…. OH ACTUALLY…

        *looks up from crumbs*

  7. Sota says:

    I was at a family cabin all weekend, where there is no tv and no internet…GASP! But thankfully there is a tiny dive bar within walking distance, so my bro and a couple cousins all walked over to watch the game. You can imagine our surprise when we walked in 5 minutes after start and had already missed two goals! This is soccer! That never happens. Regardless the day was complete with much USA chanting, celebratory apple pie eating and general flag wearing/eagle hugging. So happy for the USA team!

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