Good News for Old Ladies: Thread is Cool Again!

The good folks at Forever 21 and Breakfast (I don’t know what that is) have come up with a neat something that, if it goes big, will fill craft stores with techie-types. A screen made of thread!

The screen in housed at Breakfast’s (Again, what is that?) NYC headquarters, and through July 28th, if you use #F21ThreadScreen on your instagram posts, they’ll turn your photos into thread art. It looks pretty cool, guys.

Wired has the whole story, including a behind-the-scenes video which, tbh, is very uninteresting. I don’t want to see talking heads, I want to see thread! However, there is a shot of a bunch of computery stuff on fire, which is pretty terrific. Here’s why:

“The other major hurdle was static electricity,” Zolty says. “A single module (36 spools) was producing over 20,000 volts of static electricity with our initial grounding plates. That static would run through the motors, the motor leads, then back to the PCB (circuit board) and often cause it to catch fire. We had to reengineer how we grounded the entire screen, and now it has three redundant systems to ensure all static is dissipated.”

I don’t know how to feel about the thread screen. It’s a little lame, and mostly weird, and I don’t actually understand what it’s for, and what is Breakfast? But I like it nonetheless. It’s like a giant friendship bracelet just waiting to be used. A friendship bracelet for the world. #forever21

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  1. I do like the thought of a bunch of Forever 21’s catching on fire.

  2. FRQ says:

    Searching for this so-called “Breakfast” company on Google is tough. All I want to do now is eat pancakes and omelettes.

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