A Different Way of Doing Things

Sometimes those things can be tough to open.

Via Pleated Jeans

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Once ate an entire blueberry cobbler by accident
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8 Responses to A Different Way of Doing Things

  1. Kate says:

    Haha! Amazing. I’m thinking that’s what it’s doing to his eardrums too.

  2. taoreader says:

    So these guys didn’t do a test tun before turning on the camera?

  3. artdorkgirl says:

    This is the reason I wish I had a personal emp generator. When they go thumpin’ through my neighborhood, I could just hit em with a wave that would zap all that stuff. The same goes for that jerk with the after-market pipes on his Harley. Yes, I hear you, yes I know you have a bike. Yes, I think you’re a jerk.

    • artdorkgirl says:

      Can you tell I’ve thought about this?

    • Sota says:

      My neighbor has some sort of loud pipes on his Harley and at least once a week I will be like…is it thundering? I didn’t realize it was supposed to rain today. Nope…just my neighbor rattling the neighborhood with booming motorcycle noise.

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