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Park Elsewhere

There’s an eternal battle on the roads between cars and bicycles.  The balance is usually tipped towards automobiles, but once cyclist has had enough. Via Tastefully Offensive

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So, How Was Your Day?

It’s too hot to be alive right now, but otherwise, my day has been good! I’m feeling better and have most of my hearing back, and have been able to complete basic tasks like cleaning and buying food, so I’m … Continue reading

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What’s In The Box?

I recently went through a round of spring summer cleaning, and realized that my wardrobe could use an update.  The problem, at least for me, is that shopping for clothes can be a giant pain in the ass.  Purchasing individual pieces … Continue reading

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Tourism for Weirdos: Green Gables

This past weekend I was lucky enough to find myself on the enchanted  Isle of Prince Edward. Home of red beaches, picturesque lighthouses, potatoes, men who sing about potatoes, and of course our collective bosom friend, Anne Shirley. I braided my hair … Continue reading

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Save Yourself a Step

I mean, isn’t it just easier to combine a camera and food dispensing device? Via Engadget

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The Not-So-Friendly Ghost

We talk a lot about ghosts here at the old HM, but today I’ll talk about another type of ghost.  Well, not so much a ghost, but ghosting, the act of ending a relationship by completely disappearing from the other … Continue reading

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The Perfect Parking Job

Some people could learn a thing or two from this driver. Via FOX Sports

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