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How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was extremely lazy, which I did manage to remedy a little bit at the last minute, but still. I also ate way to much junk food and feel kind of sick as a result, because I’m super great at … Continue reading

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This Dog, and Our Sprits, Can’t Be Stopped

Last week was bad, but we can turn it around if we believe. Run free, little guy.  Run free.

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OF COURSE, Dartmouth…

These nerds at Dartmouth thought they could improve player safety by building these machines.  What could possibly go wrong when you have ROBOTS playing one of the most violent sports on Earth? Via SBNation

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It’s Friday! Let’s dance!

  I’m glad this week is over.  Not because I was particularly busy, but because of a bunch of tedious shit I had to deal with.  Anyway, that’s in the past.  I don’t have any grand plans other than going to … Continue reading

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Sunbathing Closer to God

Brother Byron was having a chill day until some asshole drone ruined it. Via CBS News

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In Case You’re In The Mood To Vom

Let me share something about myself with you all. Once I see the headline of an article that I know straight off will fill me with rage, I can’t not read it. This often leads into what I call Bad News … Continue reading

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The Next Logical Step In One’s Career

Where does one go after playing the most well known fictitious advertising guru in the 1960’s?  THE FUTURE!  Jon Hamm is looking to star in Marjorie Prime, a film about an aging violinist who maintains her mental acuity by interacting with … Continue reading

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Where The Hell Was This When I Was Six?

Fudgie, you are obsolete. Via Autoblog

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Monster Community Pool – 8/27/2015

It’s like a Sisyphean hill, but with blow holes. Yup, totally works. Ah yes, the annual gathering of words. “Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!” Just a modest abode for you potential homeowners out there.  

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Aloha is the Hawaiian Word for ‘Fiasco’ #WMOAT

We all remember Gabe’s search for the WMOAT (#RIP). I can’t do justice to his comprehensive articles examining the cinematic failures of our time, but since Cameron Crowe’s Aloha is our generation’s Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown, I’d like to give a brief very … Continue reading

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