Gossip of the Week: Gross Edition

Founding member of the Pussy Posse (ew. sorry. gross), Leonardo DiCaprio has grown a beard:

We know this.  But what we don’t know, necessarily, are his beard grooming habits!

According to the Daily Mail (yes, I know), Leo’s been a little lax on the beard maintenance.  They’re suggesting that, perhaps…Leo has fleas.  He’s become Fleanardo!

Despite his friend’s insisting that the story is false, I kind of believe it.  I mean look at him lately:

This is not a man who spends a lot of time grooming.  What other sort of secrets is his beard hiding???

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15 Responses to Gossip of the Week: Gross Edition

  1. catweazle says:

    He is seriously LaBeoufing right now.

  2. hotspur says:

    If I was friends with Leo, I would definitely tell everyone he has fleas. It would be necessary just to get through the day.

    “Oh my god!! You’re friends with Leona–”
    “His beard has fleas.”

  3. flanny says:

    He probably just has fleas because he’s been rubbing his face on pussies. I MEAN GIVING CATS ESKIMO KISSES, GUYS, DON’T BE GROSS.

  4. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I’m using this post as an excuse to post my favorite picture of Leo…

  5. taoreader says:

    I assume that beard is for a film? Maybe the fleas are necessary for him to get into character. Gross, gross character.

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