The Most Effective Ad Campaign Ever

Yes, it’s an ad.  No, I don’t care.  It’s adorable, and the little ginger cat reminds me of my cat Fry.  Watch the newest installment of “Dear Kitten”!!!

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Amanda is working on her PhD at Boston University, where she is educating herself out of any useful career. She enjoys art, cats, and arguing about historical figures.
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6 Responses to The Most Effective Ad Campaign Ever

  1. old man fatima says:

    I’m just so happy to see this guy getting paid work, because this has brought me no end of joy

  2. Sota says:

    I already have puppy fever so bad…now I have tiny orange kitten fever too! CUTE!!!

  3. collin0truckasaurus says:

    I can’t convey how much I love this video. So accurate.

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