How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was pretty good! The weather cooled way down, thankfully, and I got some writing done for a new project I’m very excited about, which is always nice. Otherwise I didn’t do much but lounge and catch up on shows, and since you know me, you know that’s not a complaint.

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  1. Sota says:

    I had a very fun weekend! Drove to Chitown with friends for the weekend. Went to my first Cubbies game at Wrigley. They won! It was a very beautiful day and an exciting game. After dinner and to a friend of a friends party in Lincoln Park. Stopped in Milwaukee yesterday on the way home for brunch with another college friend and home last night. I am tired and looking forward to getting some sleep tonight.

    ps. LA this weekend for the OC Musical!

    pps. Has anyone checked on Flanny following this weekend’s 1D news? You doing ok friend?

  2. catweazle says:

    Mine was good! I tried to get my friend to go to a movie with me on Saturday but he declined so I took a four hour nap and then went and hung out with my sisters and the baby.

    I played A Link Between Worlds a lot and realized belatedly that I’d done the temples in the wrong order. Not that there’s technically a “right” order but it was pretty heavily hinted that you were supposed to go to the desert temple after the forest temple but the hint went over my head and I played literally every other temple first and it wouldn’t matter except I’m pretty sure I get super-strength gloves in the desert temple and can pick up all those huge rocks that have been bugging me. What a dummy I am! And what interesting stories I have to share with you all!

  3. FRQ says:

    I had mentioned Friday that after the birthday party that evening, I had no idea what I would end up doing the rest of the weekend. Well, the answer was basically nothing! I spent the whole weekend watching movies and binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which is wonderful, and naturally have developed a crush on Ellie Kemper (I have 3 episodes left, no spoilers please). The only time I left the apartment was to buy groceries and go to a friend’s house briefly, where I met someone who said “I love Bryce Dallas Howard. She was so good on Mad Men.”

  4. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Last week I needed to but khaki pants for a work event. Friday was that work event. Our annual fundraiser golf outing. It was probably the best weather we have ever had for this event in the many years I’ve been working it. I still have zero knowledge of golf because I’m just there to take pictures, and I really don’t care about golf. But yay for fundraising!!

    The rest of the weekend went by in a blur of sleeping and Netflix. I need to break out of my lazy weekend rut. I love catching up on my stories, but I think I need to ban Netflix for a while.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      ugh. “buy” khaki pants.

    • flanny says:

      I promised myself a fancy coffee drink on Sunday afternoon if I didn’t watch TV or Netflix or listen to podcasts during the weekend. And I think it worked! I felt very with it and creative and excited about life. Banning entertainment stuffs is recommended from me.

      • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

        This sounds like an excellent plan! I’ll report back next week to let you know if it works.

  5. artdorkgirl says:

    We didn’t really do much this weekend. Mr. Dork’s fanatasy football draft was Sunday, so I had a bunch of drunk guys screaming at each other via Skype (it’s ok, I know them all).

    Other than that, I’m just spending this last week before classes start trying to get prepped. I don’t think I’m ready.

  6. I was going to ride my bike a lot this weekend but ended up being hungover. Friday was Whirlyball, which was ridiculous and I am terrible at (no one should be good at it). For those that don’t know it, whirlyball is basically lacrosse with bumper cars.

    Then Saturday was my friend’s wedding which was super fun with lots of dancing and great cocktails. All in all, a good weekend even if I was incapacitated during the day.

  7. flanny says:

    I’m slowly falling in love with my new city. I drove around a lot and explored, taking a special trip to the old Grand Trunk Railroad station which is now a community nonprofit org’s hq. I also went to Barnes & Noble to purchase The Westing Game, which I used to have two copies of but I must have lost them during the moves. And when I left I held the door open for a man with a parrot on his shoulder.
    And like I said, I didn’t watch or listen to anything narrative all day on Saturday and until late afternoon on Sunday, and I just felt bursting with creative energy. Which it’s been a while.

    • gnidrah says:

      I had a cold and it was over 30 degrees C at the time, so I sweated it out. Then today work just went to shit so I’m getting drunk on my own at 8pm on a Monday. NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED TO ME EITHER.

  8. I have been deep cleaning my apartment for the last two days and it is still not done. Is there a world out there still or is it just me, my dirty apartment and a bottle of cleaning fluid? I don’t know anymore. Other than that I went to a friend’s house for a movie night and we watched Penguins of Madagascar which was actually really, really great!

  9. martinmegz says:

    I watched Back to the Future parts I and II. Part I is still great, but I realized some things about Part II that I didn’t notice as a child. Namely, that Marty McFly is a total dick in the second movie. He’s selfish and stupid, and the entire plot of of the movie rests on him having a totally irrational reaction to being called a chicken. Did people call each other chicken a lot in the 80s? Because it happens a lot in this movie. I will say that the ending credits flashing “To be concluded” across the screen was one of the most exciting moments of my childhood because we were so pumped to know there would be a third movie.

    • flanny says:

      I think I’ve said this before and I don’t know why i’m saying it again because it’s not a particularly good story! But I went and saw Back to the Future II in the theaters with my older siblings. According to IMDB, I would have been almost 9. I didn’t remember BTTF 1, and I kept asking my siblings if I had seen it and they said, oh yeah, you for sure have. And I believe them! But for some reason I got BTTF and Back to School confused, and I was pretty disappointed when Rodney Dangerfield didn’t show up.

  10. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Mine was pretty good. Hung out with Tykeasaurus a bunch and did more work on the house. She likes to dance and that’s pretty great!

  11. Commentatrix says:

    I mostly just ate my mom’s cooking one last time and focused on getting over this annoying cold before India. Hung out with the sights and watched a lot of Netflix, including two very good movies, Two Days One Night and Pariah. I miss my little Rudy already! 😥

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