Monster Beauty Corner: August Edition

Seasonal Shenanigans

Here in Florida, it will be summer for another two months at least. But for a lot of you, you’re making the transition into Autumn. Being a lifelong Floridian, I don’t really know what this means. Our fall lasts about 2 weeks in November and then we’re immediately into winter. But I see a lot of “transitioning your wardrobe/hair/makeup from summer to fall” posts on Pinterest and of course, ladies’ mags! So tell me, have you started this transition yet? What exactly are you doing? Taking all your white pants/skirts/dresses and vacuum sealing them, then placing them into storage? Pulling your sweaters out of mothballs? Throwing all your bright nail polishes into a dumpster? How does this apply to your makeup/hair? Enlighten me!

Blow Dry Bar Update!

Last month I told you I was going to try a blow dry bar for the first time and promised to update you on my experience. I’m here to deliver on that promise! I’m unlike a politician in that way. The experience was mostly positive. We walked into the “bar” and asked for the list of services. Sadly, at this particular place, that meant giving us a “lookbook” where the pictures of the styles offered were so blown up and cropped that you couldn’t really tell what the finished product looked like! What is even the point of having a lookbook if it doesn’t actually show you the looks? C’mon, blow dry bar. Anyway, our options were “Beachy Keen,” “Straight Out,” “Wondrous Waves,” “Big & Bouncy,” or a variety of ponytails, braids, or an updo. We were trying to go for a vintage look, so I asked my stylist which of those options would be most retro/vintage. We went for some kind of combo of the “Big & Bouncy” and the “Wondrous Waves.” And of course, because it’s pretty hard to mess up a blowout if you’re at least halfway decent at hair, it looked good! I don’t think it looked particularly vintage, but it looked good! And the best part: it lasted for several days with minimal work on my part. This place also offered me a glass of complimentary champagne, so there’s that. Not too shabby for $35. If you have a special occasion and you can’t get in with your normal stylist, I’d say go for it!

Product Splurges

I recently bought a Stila liquid eyeliner pen. Before that, I had never in my life tried liquid eyeliner.

I found it way too intimidating, and stuck with pencils. But it seemed to me that all the cool kid Pinterest and YouTube tutorials recommended liquid liner. And I will say that the liquid liner provides a nice, sharp, defined line. I’m still getting used to it, and definitely haven’t mastered it. I’m basically Francie from Gilmore Girls at this point.

So, what are your August into September beauty/fashion thoughts & feelings? Share with the class. Show your work.

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22 Responses to Monster Beauty Corner: August Edition

  1. catweazle says:

    It looks like Rory and Francie are talking to some unholy two-faced demon in that picture! On the topic of liquid eyeliner, I can’t even put on pencil eyeliner properly so I can’t even imagine trying liquid. If I feel the need to have some kind of eyeliner I just use my fingernail to put a little bit of dark eyeshadow under my lower lash.

    We are having very fallish weather in Chicago this week so I’ve been wearing corduroys instead of linen pants and long-sleeved cardigans instead of short-sleeved cardigans (I kid you not I have at least 15 cardigans in my closet right now, it’s kind of a problem). I really need to get some new work shoes because I’ve been wearing the same pair of black ballet flats all summer but once it gets cold outside I’ll need a more substantial shoe. I used to always buy the same pair of plain, mannish black shoes at Payless but they changed the style this year so they have more of a sneaker sole so I can’t wear them to work. I’m going to actually have to buy real shoes that cost more than $20! I am considering just buying straight-up men’s shoes at this point because they look more comfortable than the lady equivalents.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      I just bought some shoes that are Dr. Scholl brand! Am I 90 years old?? They are not bad looking, and I just needed a plain everyday shoe, preferably leather in case it rains.

      I’ve been trying to steer away from the mannish black dress shoes, but they are just so functional!

  2. flanny says:

    I had to turn on the heater this morning on my drive to work. 😦

    On the topic of bright nail polish, I wear bright nail polish year-round, because in the summer it’s seasonally appropriate, and during the other seasons of the year, I wear it so that it cheers me up. There’s nothing sadder than it being dark at 4pm and you look down at your nails and they’re gray. Okay, a dead kitten is sadder, but not by a lot.

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      I love bright nail polish in the summer – the more neon the better!
      In the fall and winter, however, I really love dark nails. I like feeling like an emo 14-year-old!

  3. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Today was the first day that felt a little cool in the morning so I guess it’s officially time for fall. Usually this means I start wearing sweaters or long-sleeved tshirts and sometimes dresses with leggings and boots and switch from flip flops every day to sneakers and ballet flats and boots every day. But since I’m still carrying around a bunch of extra baby weight and nothing in my closet fits, I will continue to wear a strange mix of baggy maternity clothes and tight clothes that used to fit well and like 4 items that I bought as “transition shirts” but that still don’t totally look good. Between that and how not-into my hair I am these days (I don’t take the time to do it in the morning and it’s thinner post-baby and I don’t really like the cut I got last time but am trying to grow it out so don’t want to get it cut again plus I’d have to risk a new stylist), I’m just not excited about how I look at all. It’s kind of a bummer.
    I have tried liquid liner, but find that smudgy pencil liner is kind of my jam, so will leave the liquid to the pros.

  4. old man fatima says:

    I ombre-ed my hair this weekend. I got a bunch of compliments on it, but I’m deep in regret. I never learn my lesson. I always immediately regret 100% of the things I do to my hair, no matter how they turn out. You are all witness to my solemn declaration to hereby leave my hair the fuck alone.

    I bought a new trench coat, in autumn news. It’s white and black plaid and I like it plenty. It’s still sunny here, so that’s all I’ve done to prepare for autumn so far because I will be in denial until it snows.

  5. That’s the liquid liner I use! It does take a lot of practice. I recommend trying it when you have time to fuck up and start over, so maybe not part of the morning routine. It took me a year or two to get it down, but now I wear it every day. Pencils actually seem way harder to me right now.

    In fall fashion, I am so close to being done with a sweater I started last spring. Perfect timing, me! Now I just need to buy new shoes since I’ve lived in sandals for months now. All the shoes!

  6. Sota says:

    I fight the switch to winter clothes SO hard. I am that person that keeps wearing sandals to work way longer than is appropriate. I just hate shoes. Ugh. And socks! UGH. Today I am wearing sandals and a sundress with a blazer and a scarf. A scarf! UGH! Essentially my transition fashion is incorporating a few light jackets and lightweight scarves and then stubbornly digging my heels in until my legs are too cold at the bus stop and I have to start wearing pants again.

    I was actually just considering the other day…do people in climates that have a wildly drastic temperature change (ahem Minnesota) have larger wardrobes than people who don’t? I don’t know why I was thinking about this…but I feel like I own so many clothes. I would love to downsize , but then I realized that I am swapping out seasonal clothing so frequently and I feel like I would have a much smaller wardrobe if my yearly temp didn’t span from 100+F to -15F.

    • Sota says:

      One thing I did buy for fall this year is a pair of gold slip on Steve Madden sneakers. I haven’t worn them yet…but I love them already.

    • catweazle says:

      I like having the “summer wardrobe/winter wardrobe” excuse to own so many clothes. I have two suitcases full of winter clothes in my storage space right now (I store my off-season clothes like a real grownup, guys), but my dresser and closet are still overloaded. And this is after I weeded out THREE ENTIRE GARBAGE BAGS worth of clothes when I was flipping my closet for spring! Confessions of a shopaholic!

      • old man fatima says:

        Yikes me too! I have so so so many clothes and I only ever wear the same 6 outfits. I donated two and a half garbage bags of clothes and shoes and I still have so many! How is that possible!!

  7. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I feel like I’ve been wearing hoodies all summer because our office air conditioning is so cold. Since the weather cooled off, they have now switched to open windows which is much more comfortable, but I’m still wearing a hoodie. 😦

    I love coats! But seeing them in the stores last week made me depressed. Mr. Costco and I have talked about moving somewhere warmer. I’m not sure if we’ll actually do it, but if Chicago winter this year is as terrible as the last few years, I’m going to have to get out of here.

  8. martinmegz says:

    There’s no transition of seasons where I live. Maybe in a month or two I won’t have to run the AC for an hour before I go to bed. Soon there will be fewer tourists so I can get home from work a little faster, I look forward to fall for that reason.

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