Foreign Media Corner: Wakako-zake

With the exception of the occasional Studio Ghibli film, it’s been many years since I’ve watched anime, or Japanese animation.  Over the weekend, I was introduced to a few series that are currently tearing up the airwaves over in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Most did not appeal to me, as I am over ridiculous hair, elegant gothic lolitas, panty thieves, multi-episode training montages, and eyes the size of Jupiter.  However, there was one show that piqued my interest: Wakako-zake.  I binge watched every available episode, and I thought it would be worth sharing with our Monster gang.

Why do I recommend this show when (I’m pretty sure) no one here is an anime fan?  Well, let’s look at the croosh deets (sorry).

  • The premise: A show about a girl in her mid-twenties that escapes the tribulations of single adult life by enjoying the simple pleasures of food and alcohol.
  • An interesting art style
  • The perfect 80’s working girl sitcom opening theme.
  • Each episode is 2 minutes long, i.e. 4 cat videos.  An entire season is shorter than one episode of Modern Family.

Here are a few episodes to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.




I’ve been on this site long enough to believe that I know what most of you like, and I think you may find this series to be a pleasant diversion.  If I’m wrong, feel free to cut me in half with your ridiculously sized sword.


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6 Responses to Foreign Media Corner: Wakako-zake

  1. flanny says:

    Well, i like all those subtitles…

  2. catweazle says:

    I took a class called World of Japanese Anime in college and wrote my term paper on My Neighbor Totoro so that shows how much you know, FRQ! JK I don’t think I can truly call myself an anime fan because I hated Akira and really only watch Miyazaki and Miyazaki-adjacent anime.

  3. old man fatima says:

    Can I the-opposite-of-recommend something, while we’re at it? My love of crime dramas, Colombia, and Pedro Pascal suckered me into watching a couple episodes of the Netflix original program “Narcos” last week. I watched the first one for all of the above reasons, and the second because I was sure it had to get better once they were done all the introductory stuff. DO NOT WATCH IT. Please, nobody watch this show. Every single line is a tired cliche, the actors (except for my darling Pedro) are wooden, and there is a constant voice-over explaining what is happening in every god damn scene. The only time they go the “show and don’t tell” route is when a young lady is viciously beaten and gang raped, and it’s definitely her fault for blowing her cover during a sting operation. The second episode is basically all sex, and it all looks like it was directed by someone who has never had or seen actual sex before. Like the God of TV Show balance, Netflix gives OITNB with one hand and Narcos with the other. For real, don’t watch it.

  4. Kate says:

    I’m going to watch them over and over until I can sing that theme song and impress my friends. Also, now I’m hungry. Anyone wanna go out for fried chicken and salmon skin?

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