So, How Was Your Day?

My day has been good! I’ve been getting a lot of writing done lately, which always makes me happy, and everything else is going well. It’s just a thrill a minute over here (no, it’s not, and thank goodness).

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  1. old man fatima says:

    My hair looks great today!

  2. catweazle says:

    I ordered a bunch of t-shirts from Threadless while I was drunk a week or two ago and they just came today. I don’t remember what I bought so I’m excited to open the packages when I get home! I haven’t bought Threadless shirts in years because I already have a ton and never get to wear them since I can’t wear t-shirts to work anymore.

  3. flanny says:

    Not amazing, if I’m honest. I’m very stressed out and tired about work, and this morning I had to kill a fly with my bare hands while driving in to work. I swore a lot about work this morning in front of coworkers, which I try not to do, and I told some people “no” which felt oddly satisfying, even though I do want to help them. I read Dead Wake while sipping my coffee this morning, and this chapter was about dead bodies from the Lusitania washing on the Irish shore, so I think that really tainted my day. It can only get better because I have yoga this evening so FUCKING NAMASTE EVERYONE!!!!!

  4. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Today is good because I have family coming to town. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed for the second day in a row, so I have to get it together so I can finish everything I need to do and not be a crab ass for the family visit.

    Friday Night Lights binge watch update. Pretty far along into season 4. Most of our friends have graduated, and suddenly there is a East Dillon vs. West Dillon. I don’t mind some of the new characters, but the pageant girl who likes Tim Riggins is very annoying. I don’t know her name, but Mr. Costco referred to her as curly Sue when he walked into the room, so I’m going with that.

    • martinmegz says:

      I hated her, too! And it was really hard to switch allegiances to East Dillon but that McCoy guy is such a dick. I think Michael B. Jordan is great in pretty much everything. I really love how Tim Riggins helps Coach Taylor. Now I want to re-watch FNL.

      • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

        Oh boy, that McCoy father and son duo are terrible! I do really like Michael B. Jordan – I think I’ve only seen a couple movies he’s in, but I should see what else he’s done. Tim Riggins and Landry are two of my favorite characters.

  5. Kate says:

    I watched a little of the apple show. I’d like to get rid of comcast and just use apple tv. Don’t know if that’s do-able yet. I’ll be visiting my little brother on the left coast in a couple of months and he works for them, though he can’t say what he does. Maybe he can tell me how to cut the cable. And get me a discount on one of those sweet new phones. Mine is a relic.

  6. I didn’t get much sleep last night but I woke up and took a long bike ride which cleared my head. I’ve gotten a few kind emails from colleagues saying they’ll help out where they can. I’ve got a list of things to do to keep me busy, so at least I can’t wallow. Plus trivia tonight. Everyone keeps asking how I am and I have no idea how to answer that. I’m tired and sad and just want to move on to better things, but I don’t really want to say that to my old coworkers. Also, I hate changing LinkedIn because then it’ll email everyone and they will know something happened. Stupid LinkedIn

    Anyway, I’ll be fine! I just have to repeat that a lot.

    • flanny says:

      If you ever want to get out of the city, just remember I’m a three hour train ride away. And I have a cat who will let you pet her for two seconds before she walks away.

    • Sota says:

      You can turn off the thing where it posts when you update! Let me see if i can find it. It is a setting to choose not to force update info out to your feed.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      You will find something great!! Maybe the LinkedIn update will alert the right people that you are looking for something new.

    • I’m sorry. I remember being unemployed and it was the worst time in my life. I really hope you find something new and great!

  7. Sota says:

    Work has been pretty pretty stressful. Too many strange and unpredictable issues combined with just a bulk of work and its been annoying. I am happy this was a short week though…it helps. Also, this weekend I am going to the cabin with my family, and since I couldn’t find any friends who wanted to join me for the weekend, I am taking my friend’s dog with me. At least I will have a good snuggle buddy. Welcome to my crazy single life. I know everyone is jealous. LOL.

  8. Today is not super awesome. My boss is on my case about something that I would argue is both our faults but since I’m the assistant, it’s my job to take the blame. It’s also a thousand million degrees here and I am going to have to move back into my living room where the AC is for a while, which makes me feel like I’m living in a crack pad. However, I went to the gym this morning and bought a lottery ticket on my way home so fingers crossed that by this time tomorrow I will be $200 million richer. Plus ANTM is tonight, which I enjoy for no particular reason….

  9. artdorkgirl says:

    I will never get over how weird it is to see students take notes while I’m talking. And I have one kid who nods and writes things down! I’m giving him an A, obviously.

    Other than that it’s hot as balls here. Why is it 95 in September in Boston???

    • It rained last night and I was really hoping the heat would break but it really hasn’t. I should never have wished for a little bit more summer. I wanted 75-80 degree days and I get stuck with 90+

    • old man fatima says:

      There was a Russian guy in my intro to Canadian Politics class (as boring as you’d think) who just fucking LOVED every second of it. He sat front row centre and every time the prof made a joke he would laugh and laugh and laugh, and then repeat the punchline to himself and then laugh some more. He wrote down every word that was said, I’m sure of it. He sat alone and had no friends. I invited him to join our study group because I knew he took meticulous notes, and he made us all cheers our coffees “to friendship” and then gave a little fist pump. I never saw him again.

      • artdorkgirl says:

        I can’t decide if he sound delightful or completely insane. He’d probably be one of those I’d give a good grade to just so they’d leave me alone.

        • old man fatima says:

          He added me to fb and sent me all sorts of messages telling me I was his muse and calling me “my beauty” and when I replied that I had a boyfriend, he was like “I call all beautiful women my muse.” Like, I’m not even special? Get it together, Vladlislav.

      • martinmegz says:

        Awwww I was that person in my California Budget class in policy school. Sometimes thinks just capture my fancy!

        • old man fatima says:

          Oh, I was definitely that person in a few classes too! I would have to form study groups, because my notes would just be hilarious quotes from the profs. I had some super funny profs.

  10. hotspur says:

    Writing is going really well here too, I’m pleased to say. I’m nearing the end on some projects! Or at least the late middle.

    On the downside, it is 100 degrees today in my neighborhood, so I’m not looking forward to going home and stewing in that.

    In work news, how do peoples’ brains even work? Here’s a sentence that appeared in a presentation that I flagged as “awkward” and a girl read it over and was like, No, this makes perfect sense. Haha, here is what made sense: “Paid Media: Target our core audience to build awareness with content amplification to leverage real-time conversation.” I said sense aside, I am sure there is a better way to put it. Like does your brain really have thoughts with this structure? I feel like your thought was “Let’s blast shit to every intertubes platform we can think of, and get people talking.” Why the hell not just say that? Why are you trying to make “tweet more” sound like the Theory of Special Relativity? I just don’t understand these people. (i.e., everyone.)

  11. collin0truckasaurus says:

    My day has been incredibly busy! I have not had time to breathe today, but it looks like that’s a very good thing because there is definitely a promotion for me in the pipeline! Don’t know when and I don’t know if I’ll get the position that I want, but at least it will mean I don’t have to do some of the more tedious aspects of the job and can start doing some more fun stuff. Also I went to lunch with my work friend and we talked about a lot of stuff and it’s great to have a work friend.

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