The Oscar Race for 2017 Has Begun

This is actually happening, people.

Via CinemaBlend

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6 Responses to The Oscar Race for 2017 Has Begun

  1. flanny says:

    Soooo, is that bird angry because lady birds don’t love him? Is this movie about meninists??? (Also, what the fuck is this movie?)

  2. mordonez says:

    How big were the checks presented to these people? Were they like, legit giant novelty checks? Did Bill Hader have to turn down Skeleton Twins 2 to make it?

  3. Simon Spiderfleek says:

    My three-year old nephew loves these things. He doesn’t know what they are, but they’re all over his bedroom. So I’m kinda hoping he doesn’t outgrow them before this movie comes out because if it came out today, it would probably blow his tiny little mind and there should be more of that sort of joy in the world, no matter the source.

    Unless the source is, you know, ISIS doing ISIS-y things or something like that. The world could do with less of that. Obviously.

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