So, How Was Your Day?

My day (Tuesday, because I write these ahead of time) was surprisingly eventful! There was a small fire at work, and fortunately no one was hurt and no serious damage was done, but we all got to hang out in the parking lot and watch the fire trucks and people who are not me will have a pretty big mess to clean up tomorrow, because now we have water damage from the sprinkler systems. Which is obviously better than stuff being on fire, but still. And then I went out for an amazing sushi dinner! What a day.

PS: I saw that we’ve been planning for Month Of Scares, so: let me know if you’d like to do another scavenger hunt this year (I can’t believe it’s already been a year!) and I’ll start working on a list.

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  1. mordonez says:

    I kept telling people to stop hiding that guy’s stapler, but did they listen?

  2. FRQ says:

    Pretty good! This morning I closed on a condo and will be moving out of my current place throughout the next week or so. That means I will have to say goodbye to the mezzanine, but that’s fine because I’m no longer paying rent. Later tonight I will be going to trivia, and all I ask is that we make a respectable showing.

  3. catweazle says:

    Today I have been trying to pretend that I don’t still feel like I’m getting sick (this has been going on all week; shit or get off the pot, body!). At the moment I am researching various European bus tours because I need to burn some vacation days before the end of the year. But! They are all like 14 days long and who has the time for that? Retirees? I just want to go to Ireland for a week without having to drive a car. Do any of you recommend any particular tour companies? I am suspicious of every single one I look at.

    P.S. I would def participate if we did another scavenger hunt!

  4. old man fatima says:

    YES to the scavenger hunt!!

    My day has been super frustrating. I realized the other day that I haven’t updated my contact info for Chompsky’s microchip since moving here a year ago, so I dug out the info that was sent to me when I adopted her and logged into the microchip website to update it, AND I HAVE A DIFFERENT DOG REGISTERED TO ME!!! I recognize the name of the dog on the registration, this was a dog I had wanted to adopt but I went with Chomps instead. I have called and emailed the shelter but they haven’t replied. I can’t imagine they’d still have any info on file, as I got her 2 years ago? I called the microchip place, but they can’t give out info or change registrations without the OK of the person who currently holds the registration (makes sense). Now I’m super paranoid about her running away or getting stolen! I’d never get her back and I would be the absolute saddest person in the world!

    On a lighter note, my big brother is in the province for work and had a layover at the Halifax airport, so I drove out and had coffee with him. Stay here forever, Brotima! I miss you!

  5. flanny says:

    Whoa, that was an exciting day! And yes, please do a scavenger hunt again! I see about 900 abandoned farm buildings every day and would really kill it this time.

    I woke up last night pretty much once every two hours, and because of that I’ve been very tired all day. But I just took a quick walk down to the cafe downtown and got a coffee, and it’s rejuvenating.

  6. hotspur says:

    I would do the scavenger hunt again, but I would definitely lose this time.

  7. martinmegz says:

    I read what might be the best story I’ve ever seen today. I don’t know if it’s true, but I want it to be. This is going to be a huge photo but I’m confident it’s worth it. Do you guys think this is a hoax or real? Please say real.

  8. artdorkgirl says:

    So, I was going to post about how teaching blows (too much work) and grant writing is starting up again (also too much work), but I just got an email about my dream job that I applied to AGES AGO and they say I’m still in the running? WHAT IS THAT EVEN??

    Also, please do the scavenger hunt! I’m downtown now and I’ve found this website that lists all the creepy places around there. Plus, I get on/off the T at the haunted T stop!!

  9. I am really, really tired. The gentleman is moving tonight and literally started packing last night. I am a good person and helped, despite my hatred for packing. 4 hours of sleep later I had a meeting for some contract work I’m doing (yay, money!). Now I’m home trying really hard to concentrate on said work but I’m moving slowly. I got a couple of emails about meeting with people, one is definitely a potential job-type thing. I’m not super excited about the place, but it is an ego boost that so many people are getting back to me. So I’m doing ok!

    • old man fatima says:

      Why do gentlemen never pack ahead of time? Mr Fatima is moving in with me this month and hasn’t even been at his place in weeks. This weekend and next weekend we’re booked solid and then I want to go to the haunted corn maze with my brother, when is he planning on packing and moving??? BOYS, YOU STRESS ME OUT!

      • mordonez says:

        So one thing he shouldn’t do, and I may have personal experience with this, is to get some ENORMOUS cardboard boxes (that may have held six 10 pound bags of espresso beans, which take up a fair amount of volume for their weight) from work, and think, “these boxes are simply enormous. I can’t even BELIEVE how many books I can get into these things. How efficient”.

        Because then, 22 year-old him (let’s say) would come to a sudden realization that he had created 350 pound boxes of books, and is moving from a 3rd floor walk up to a 2nd floor walk up, using people who were friends at the time to help, and he (I) will be a sad panda.

        Or so I hear.

        • artdorkgirl says:

          Mordonez…are you me??

        • old man fatima says:

          I put all the books I could fit into a wheeled suitcase, thinking I was a genius because you could just wheel it around instead of carrying it, but *spoilers* that will break your wheely suitcase’s wheels, and then its handles when you try to carry it as a last resort, and you’re going to have to re-pack all of those books.

        • mordonez says:

          The last time we moved, there was absolutely no chance of doing it without movers. I mean, at the time we had about 100 boxes of books, and in the intervening 7-8 years, that has grown to well into the 200-300 box range.

          And my selling books on the internet business is sort of laying fallow because of laziness.

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