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It’s HALLOWEEN! Let’s Dance!

Happy Halloween (tomorrow) everyone! What are your plans? I’m tired and have stuff to do, so I don’t think I’m going to go out. I’m boring, what can I say? But I hope you all have fun, and take lots … Continue reading

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Today’s Google Doodle is SpoOoOoky!

In today’s Google Doodle, you get to compete in the 2015 Global Candy Cup as one of four witches. You use only your trusty space bar to dodge crows and ghosts and collect some of that sweet sweet chocolate, which … Continue reading

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Your Friendly Holiday PSA

Remember folks, don’t drink and drive. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Monster Community Ghoul 10/29/15

I thought about putting together a community pool, like our dear friend FRQ, but it’s a very slow news day and I have a couple of things I need to get done at work. So how about we all get … Continue reading

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My Ass Is Haunted By The Gay Unicorn Colonel: A Review

Ever since I first learned of the inimitable Chuck Tingle on this very website I have longed to explore his works. It was very difficult to choose an introduction in the the world of erotic supernatural bestiality, so I dithered. … Continue reading

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If Mark Werewahlfberg Was There, Halloween Wouldn’t Have Went Down Like It Did

Say hi to your mummy for me. (Via Laughing Squid)

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Lars and the Real Girl: Cat Edition

Don’t judge their love!

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