Let’s all happy faint as a family!

Girls (and some guys), we did it! The wait was strenuous and great. Relationships ended and flourished. Babies were born. Careers were reinvented. Prayers, secretings and spells were released into the universe. And now, finally, our faith has been rewarded.

I’m talking of course about that of which your Gilmore Girls Google alerts have surely already informed you: our best friends will return from nearly a decade-long hiatus! You all should see me right now, I am abuzz. Abuzz!

Go hug your mother/eat a burger/quote your favorite movie/talk really fast at someone/sleep with your married ex-boyfriend in celebration, because this is literally the best day of our lives.

Commence Gilmores gif party.

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  2. catweazle says:

    I have reservations about new Gilmore Girls but I have no reservations about Gilmore Girls GIFs!

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