Month of Scares: Look before you Airbnb!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about this community, it’s that we like to travel.  From Facetaco’s trips to Italy and Gnidrah’s almost fanatical devotion to following around her local teams, to Flanny’s trips to odd places in Michigan, we like to go places.  We also recognize the need to find suitable housing while we’re there.

Well…maybe not Flanny

But here’s something you might not have thought of: Haunted Rentals!

Yes!  Thanks to the wonders of Airbnb, not only can you crash at some stranger’s apartment while they are most definitely sneaking in at night to use their own shower and grab a few things, you can stay with their ghosts too!

Perfectly normal? Or haunted? I have no idea! This came up when I searched “haunted apartment”!!

According to the Daily Dot, renting out your haunted joint is a new thing, just in time for our month of scares.  Apparently, you can now book a night at the Paris Catacombs or any other number of haunted locations across the globe!

The owner of this listing (, in case you are interested), a gentleman named Nick who lives precisely in Bumfuck, Missouri, says that although he didn’t know the property was haunted when he bought it, the lure of the paranormal is keeping his joint booked up. The home itself was built in the 1850s and served as a Civil War hospital, a funeral home, and the site of 9 John Denver Christmas Specials (jk…it was a barbershop).  There’s also a cemetery conveniently located out back! I mean, it doesn’t look TOO scary, does it?

See, perfectly normal…so when are you booking your trip??

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7 Responses to Month of Scares: Look before you Airbnb!

  1. catweazle says:

    I was talking to a coworker about my upcoming trip and she asked if I was going to Airbnb and was scandalized when I said no, I wasn’t, because I’d rather pay for the privilege of not having to interact with strangers. I’d be more flexible if there were ghosts though… maybe.

  2. old man fatima says:

    Do you think they run any sort of checks on these? To confirm the haunting? I should probably just list my house as haunted, right? I could leave the Ghost Detection Tools app running, that finds ghosts everywhere!

    (PS, I took it to an abandoned 1790s military fort with catacombs on the weekend, I’ll write that post tonight!)

  3. hotspur says:

    Oooh, I wonder if I could put my apartment on this. It’s not haunted, but the stairwell of the building is. Pretty sure. You could pay me and I’d provide a folding chair in the hall. Dolla dolla ghost, y’all!

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