Monster Community Pool – 11/10/2015

I really should have test-driven this sweater before I purchased 3 of them.



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7 Responses to Monster Community Pool – 11/10/2015

  1. mordonez says:

    I have never before in my publishing/bookselling days seen anything crazier than the proliferation of this adult coloring book thing. We started out with a couple books in the spring, and now they are on what seems like every available table/endcap/lobby display you can think of at Barnes and Noble. Should you be so inclined, there is a NATIONAL coloring event in BN stores called the “All American Art Unwind” (????) this coming Saturday, should any of you be so inclined to go sit at the bookstore and color stuff.

    It seems to have started with a Scottish artist named Johanna Basford, one of whose books has now sold 1.6 million copies, but all the publishers saw this start to take off and said “I bet those would be cheap to make”, thus the explosion. Books, books specifically produced for the “bargain” section, magazines, thick book-shaped magazines, I imagine there’s a wall calendar and a page-a-day… Also, colored pencils and markers. I dunno whatever floats your’s boats, folks, but I always found it frustrating as a kid..wait–maybe my markers weren’t fine enough…Maybe I’ll just…

    No, I’m a lefty, and drag my hand through everything I write. It’ll never work.

    • artdorkgirl says:

      I got my adult friends coloring books for Christmas three years ago, so I like to think I’m ahead of this trend. It was a modern art coloring book from MOMA. Those Rothkos are tough (jkjkjkjkjk…cause they’re all one color…get it??)

    • flanny says:

      I give my students coloring books to keep them occupied during slow times at work. They are a mild hit, but sometimes I have to yell at them to stop coloring and get back to work. Our only complaint is that maybe the designs are too complicated. Sometimes you just want to color in Santa and his elves and not some crazy ass paisley shit.

  2. artdorkgirl says:

    You guys! There’s a chance my favorite show of all time, Mystery Science Theater 3000 might be back in some form! It’s my go to show, if I’m having a bad day or feeling crummy, because it picks me right up. Plus, it gave me my favorite holiday song “A Patrick Swayze Christmas!”

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