Oops I fell over!

This kind of thing wouldn’t have happened on the Back to the Future 2015 real hoverboards. When will we be getting those?

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7 Responses to Oops I fell over!

  1. old man fatima says:

    How do these things get away with calling themselves hoverboards, though? They don’t hover. They’re just Segways without the handlebars. I want my moving sidewalks, we’re investing in the wrong type of technology!

  2. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Hoverboard accidents are our generation’s trampoline accidents.

  3. Sota says:

    Have you guys actually tried these before? I tried it last weekend and I am happy to say that I didn’t fall and crack open my skull. I wouldn’t say I did great…but I didn’t make a fool of myself. Which at the age of 31 is all Im really asking for.

    • How does it feel? Do you really have to work to keep your balance?

      • Sota says:

        Yes, the advice I was given…by an 11 year old who was basically a pro on this thing…was to “just chill.” You kind of have to just relax your balance, but also evenly distribute your weight because if if you tilt forward or back you will move those directions, and if you tilt one foot farther forward than the other you will start doing circles. I would like to try it again actually, because it was kinda fun, I think once you get the hang of where your balance needs to be centered, it would be easy to figure out the angling of your feet for turning/moving fast forward etc.

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