Arts & Crafts Update!

Last night I had a dream that flanny, Sota, & oldmanfatima all visited me IRL to ask about my arts and crafts projects and to tell me about theirs and basically to tell me to get off my ass and get to some arts and crafts!  What a fun and interesting dream!  I wonder what it means!  I don’t particularly feel like I’m neglecting my arts and/or crafts (although I do owe my mother a scrapbook from her 60th birthday…), but it HAS been a long time since I’ve posted here.  Thanks for not shaming me publicly and only doing it in my dream!

Anyway, let’s use this as a fun excuse to update each other on stuff we’re working on!  Anyone participating in nanowrimo?  Anyone make a beautiful painting recently?  Anyone want to get off his or her ass and get to some arts and crafts?

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  1. old man fatima says:

    There is very little in this world that I would like more than to have an IRL HM craft meetup.

    I just finished knitting fox scarves for my nieces for Christmas, and I was about to start on Dalek dresses for them as well. I know they won’t be done in time to send off though, so I think I’ll put them on hold. Also, the dog shelter I work for runs this campaign every year around this time where they go to dog parks and hand out coats and sweaters for short haired dogs. I have a huge bin of yarn odds and ends and I think I’ll save the Dalek dresses and knit a bunch of dog sweaters instead!

    This is from the pattern and not one that I made (one is pink and one is blue, because those are the colours they like).

  2. flanny says:

    I’m sorry for dream-shaming you, especially because I am not one to talk! I have nothing creative going on right now because a project at work sucked away all my energy. However, December is traditionally a very creative time for me, so I’ll just wait for the December Creativity Fairies to swoop down from wherever they live and bless me with an amazing idea for a novel. That’s how writing works, right?
    Also, now that it’s cold, I want to start crocheting again. I just learned how this year, and I’m terrible at making anything that needs to have a shape.
    How did my hair look in the dream, though, Truck?

    • old man fatima says:

      Amazing ideas for novels:

      * War and Peace, but it’s vampires v bigfoots and there is lots of sex
      * _____ from the perspective of ______ (Perhaps Gastby from the perspective of the maid? Or Catcher in the Rye from the perspective of the teachers? Or maybe Snow White from the perspective of the rag tag gang of misfit forest creatures who follow her around like groupies?)
      * Same as above, but with sex and someone is a merman
      * A superhero origin story, but, like, gritty
      * A story about a female writer in the 1800s who is told to “write what you know” and makes a successful living writing domestic scenes, only the domestic scenes involve sexy ghosts and she gets sucked into one of her own stories
      * Top Scientists find out that the dinosaurs never died out, they’re just super good at playing hide and seek, and now they want equal rights and political representation, with hilarious and sexy results

      You’re welcome…

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      I gotta be honest…it looked great, but old man fatima has like Merida-level curls and they looked outstanding!!

  3. Sota says:

    We are such dream jerks! What meanies! If you don’t want to do any dream crafts, what business is that of mine?! LOL.

    Last weekend I threw a surprise birthday party with a couple of friends and it was 90’s themed. I went into my Mom’s basement and pulled out a whole bunch of old posters that I refused to let her throw away. Here’s a photo of some of them for your viewing pleasure:


    The craft that I did for the decor was to make these little cutouts of other 90s stars. I realized that I didnt take any photos of them! So sad! But you can see one of them in the food photo below of Will Smith.

    Basically I just glued some photos of people (Michelle Tanner, Doug, Kelly Kapowski, Tia & Tamara, Cory & Topanga) onto foam core and cut out their silhouettes. I gave them little foam core stands so they would stand up on end tables and counters. It was really cute. I also hung a bunch of bright streamers and we blew up a bunch of balloons and all of that kind of fun party stuff. We got a bunch of “sleepover food” – pizza and cheetos and cupcakes. People wore costumes and it was super fun.

  4. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Just to be clear – you guys weren’t shaming me in a mean way, you were all excited to hear about it and excited to help facilitate my arts and crafts. It was like we were all getting together to work on stuff together. Very fun.

  5. hotspur says:

    Oh man, I plan to post about this for real soon, but this comment section is a good place to start. In September I decided to do my own personal book-writin’ thing. Huzzah! I gave myself 6 weeks, so it would be done mid-October, and it became the reason I haven’t been around here super often (and still haven’t posted the movie review I committed to in, like, July). But the book ended up triply as long as planned, so I’m still revising it, in the distant hope I can make it interesting to read. If I’m gonna ask people to spend 99 cents on it, it better be interesting to read! Anyway, it’s got a vampire in it, but not a lot of overt sex. Like, not even one clear-cut boner, and no blatant vagina stuff at all. Currently. I hope I am not making a huge mistake. The Free Market will decide soon! (Amazon.)

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