Catching up with Cumberbatch: The “How Long Has it Been?” Edition

You guys!  I’ve missed you all so much!  You don’t even know!  It’s been a much crazier semester than I had anticipated and I feel like I get to check in maybe a couple of times a day but don’t get to put in the quality time you all so richly deserve.  So how are you guys?  I like your new (haircut/tie/dress/botox)!  So fetching!


I may have found time for some shopping.

You know who else has been out there, living life?  Our Benedict!  He’s been super busy, you all!  Click through to see what he’s got going on (besides it all!)

First up: Filming on Doctor Strange!



I know you all *might* be burned out on Marvel, but this cast is amazing.  Aside from Benedict, we’ve got Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton, AND Mad Mikkelsen.  That’s just good casting right there.

Second up, someone received a major honor!  Who, why Benedict!  He received a “Commander of the British Empire” medal from the Queen.  What this actually means, I really have no idea.  Gnid, pls expln thx.


There’s also some new Sherlock news, including a rumor that they’ll start filming again in January.  I hope that’s true, because I’m so excited about the Christmas Special I’m about to explode.

Finally, I’m going to leave you with the trailer for the new Zoolander movie.  I’m….not on board, but in the interest of fair coverage I will include it here:

Until next time, my dears!


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10 Responses to Catching up with Cumberbatch: The “How Long Has it Been?” Edition

  1. old man fatima says:

    Oooh, the Commander of the British Empire award means he’s almost a “sir”!! Commander is the third highest rank in the Order of the British Empire, but only members of the top two ranks are referred to as “sir” or “dame.” I assume it was for contribution to the arts? Sir Benedict Cumberbatch basically begs the be said, though, so let’s hope the queen bumps him up at some point.

    • mordonez says:

      In saddish news, the queen has stopped breeding corgis, having said in 2012 that she didn’t want any new pups, as she “didn’t want to leave any behind”. She has two at the moment, but that’s all she wrote.

      • old man fatima says:

        Very sad! Not about not breeding corgis, but about the thought that the queen won’t outlive us all.

    • artdorkgirl says:

      As an aside, there’s been a ton of sniping on the interwebs about “who does he think he is, getting this at 39 when some people don’t get one until they’re older and what if he’s just a flash in the pan” sort of thing. I think the Queen is a Cumberbitch, personally, so it makes sense to me!

      • old man fatima says:

        He’s been in a gazillion blockbuster hits, I think those snipers can cool it with their sniping. Or maybe look up the definition of “flash in a pan.”

      • old man fatima says:

        Also, it’s not like he demanded it. If the Queen of England wants to give you an award, you’re not going to be like “Oh, let’s wait a bit, Liz. Maybe I’m just a flash in the pan.”

  2. FRQ says:

    I’m sorry, but Zoolander Cumberbatch needs to be locked away in a tower somewhere.

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