The New Year Has Arrived

It’s time to take down the decorations.

Via Pleated Jeans

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6 Responses to The New Year Has Arrived

  1. artdorkgirl says:

    It’s like a classier punkin’ chunkin’!

  2. gnidrah says:

    I forced myself to take everything down on Saturday, in an attempt to make the whole ‘going back to work’ thing a bit easier. Should, clearly, have just blown it all up!

  3. Kate says:

    It’s a lonely sad job tearing down the Christmas stuff. If I was a billionaire I’d just throw it all away and start over next year.

    • Erika says:

      If you were a billionaire, you could just pay servants to take it all down.

      I have an acquaintance who works for Paul Allen. She’s basically his florist. She works full time, believe it or not.

  4. hotspur says:

    I got home from various travels yesterday and forced myself to unpack immediately. This is huge, as my lag time between “stepping into apartment” and “finally putting empty suitcase in closet” averages 8 weeks.

    Hey, do you guys do a thing where you leave thinking your home is generally organized… only to return weeks later to see it as a giant mess that makes you wonder “Ugh. I live like this?“?

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