It’s Project Club Time!

Here’s last week’s post, if you need a refresher. I didn’t do too badly: I mailed out the anniversary card, went grocery shopping, and wrote around 3,000 words, which isn’t very impressive considering my goal was 8,000, but I’m calling it a win because this has been the week from heck and frankly, I’m amazed I managed to get anything done at all.

This week’s goals–5,000 more words, doing my taxes now that I finally have all the documents I need, and GOING TO THE BANK. SELF. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. GO TO THE BANK.


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  1. flanny says:

    I wrote some of my book, but not really the whole first chapter, but whatever. Still nice. I did NOT clean my stovetop because that shit is boring and lame and I’d rather watch New Girl for the eighth time in two weeks. I DID send out the birthday card and it arrived the evening before the birthday girl’s birthday and she said she opened it on her birthday while drinking coffee, so perfect.

    And I bought my California tickets!!! LA Monsters, I will be in your city starting around 12:30 on Saturday March 5th and all day on Sunday March 6th. I have no plans! Let’s make plans! You are the only people I want to see in that city! (I will also have free time in San Diego on the 10 & 11, if people are down there, I dunno.)

    This weekend I am running my first 5K in 41 weeks, so my goal is to not walk during the 5K. I had a such good plan for training all outlined and then my cat died and ruined my ambition, so I hadn’t been running regularly until a couple of weeks ago, and as of Tuesday I can run for 30 minutes solid indoors. Wish me luck. And this week I need to wash AND FOLD all my laundry. AND FOLD.

  2. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Long term projects:
    I have lost over 10 lbs! Woot.
    I have read exactly zero more pages in that dumb book. I found an old favorite book that I want to reread and I’m trying to pretend that I won’t let myself start it until I finish that other one but ugggghhhhh…
    I have definitely made an effort to be more patient. Sometimes more effectively than others…
    Short term projects:
    I wore 5 straight days (last Thurs-yesterday) of outfits that I hadn’t worn in awhile. This was easier because the weather was a little warmer so I could get back to warmer clothes and pretend they were new, but nonetheless, mission accomplished. I’m adding this to my long-term projects: wear something I haven’t worn lately at least 1 day a week (lately is “haven’t worn in the last 6 weeks). PS I’m wearing a dress from Rent the Runway on Saturday night and I am very excited about all of it!
    I’m doing better at forcing myself into my dept’s conversations but I do have to just show up and start talking (which super sucks) but it seems like once I do my input is appreciated. Just wish my boss would include me on his own, but you just can’t ask someone to change their personality.
    Mr truck mailed that package for me so that sort of counts.
    New short term projects:
    Super Bowl party food. Can someone just make the list and go shopping and make all the food and clean my house and not make me give them any money?
    Work email signature – do you guys have this? do you have feelings about it? should I make one?

    • flanny says:

      I did Rent the Runway for my birthday and loved it. What if we’ve picked the same dress?????

      I have a work email signature. It’s basically just all the info on my business card, though, not, like, a life motto or something philosophical written in swirly font or anything.

    • nastyemu says:

      I’m really jealous that you work somewhere that doesn’t strictly enforce an email signature standard.

      • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

        I just noticed one of my coworkers uses COMIC SANS in her signature. I would really like to enforce an email signature standard right now. Ugh, sorry I’m such a font snob!

      • collin0truckasaurus says:

        Yeah, that’s part of it – so many people use so many different approaches that I think a company-wide format would be appreciated.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      My work signature is just basic contact info. You might think that as a graphic designer, I would welcome the opportunity to add some artistic flair/personality into a boring old email, but I kind of hate when people have a goofy font as their signature. I don’t mind the quote thing, but I guess that depends on whether or not your boss would allow quotes.

      • collin0truckasaurus says:

        Yeah I would never put a quote in there because I’d rather keep it professional. Font choices add way too many options. I was stuck on color for a long time.
        I think I’m just going with:
        Name | Title | Department | Work number
        So boring but informative I guess.

  3. catweazle says:

    Well I failed once again to rewatch and write about 12 Years a Slave and this time I have no excuse other than laziness/dread. I really do need to get it over with because I’m looking forward to this blog project and expect to be able to update it fairly frequently, plus the next movie in line is 13 Going On 30! So I just need to do it already!

    As I mentioned previously I hit it and quit it with Tinder guy and then went through a guilt spiral about hurting his feelings. I think I may suspend the dating project for a while because it turns out NYE guy gave me unreasonable expectations as to how much I would enjoy myself. Plus, I’m going to be too busy with project #3 for the rest of the month to devote time to squiring various gentlemen around town.

    The RPM Challenge officially started and I haven’t made much progress yet. Oops! I did set up my new recording equipment and it’s working and things are sounding good. I wrote one song on Tuesday but I need to get a better recording of it. And I’ve been sort of writing a song in my head at work today that I’m going to try to demo tonight. Also I came up with a title for the album and a general concept which I normally don’t do in advance and might not follow through with but it felt like progress, sort of!

    • Sota says:

      Can you just skip it and go to the next movie and come back to it another time? I mean…youre making the rules…make it easy!

    • old man fatima says:

      Someone once told me that 13 going on 30 would change my life and I still haven;t watched it yet. Will reading your recap about it change my life just as much as watching it would? Because I would rather read your recap than watch it.

      • catweazle says:

        I don’t know if it will change your life but it is a very fun movie and I highly recommend it. Jennifer Garner is very good and Mark Ruffalo is a dreamboat and weirdly Andy Serkis is in it playing an actual human being so there’s a novelty factor involved!

  4. Sota says:

    Whew! I felt like a failure because I didn’t even remember what my projects were…but guess what guys! I looked at last week’s comment and I basically didn’t make any specific goals. Soooo woo!

    I mentioned last week that I wanted to start biking again. I haven’t started at all, but I did email my trainer and he sent me back a list of questions that were overwhelming, but its a start. I am going to have him start working with me on nutrition again and also doing a plan to prepare me for a long distance (for me) bike ride of about 50ish miles that happens in August. Here’s hoping that will be the kick in the pants I need to get my life back in order.

    I would also like to add to my list of goals…a full deep clean of my closet. I need to get rid of things and donate etc. I have so much stuff that I still like and that is fine or that im saving for a someday costume party or something but really if I cant remember the last time I wore it or wanted to wear it…It needs to go. I need to be more ruthless. I have a very small closet and its literally exploding at the moment. I enjoy shopping, so I need to do a better job of getting rid of the items that I do not wear. This goal may take more than a week to accomplish. Im not even sure its possible.

    By next week:
    – Look into how much learning and development stipend my company offers for classes. I want to look into a professional certification.
    – Start writing in my journal again. (Ive been slacking)

  5. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    You guys, I am pretty disappointed in myself for making the least amount of progress possible on all my projects. I did some laundry and worked on my work website, but my hamper is still mostly full, and the site is not ready to go live yet, sooooo – goals not complete.

    I did not make it to the bank either.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      These are from January 21. I really need to step it up and check these off my list!

      1. Make progress on website redesign for work. I started this week, but I want to have it ready to go live by next Thursday.

      2. Design ideas for Orphan Black fan art contest. I have very little faith I can win, so part of me doesn’t even want to try, but I’ll still give it a shot.

      3. Get some stuff organized at home – this involves mini projects – laundry, organizing paperwork, cleaning out the fridge, and returning stuff to the mall.

      I added going to the bank last week, so I better drag myself over there pronto.

  6. This weekend was way too busy to clean my storage room, but I am planning on doing that Saturday. I’ve been looking around for a good bookshelf for that room because I need more storage.

    Printing is taking a break this week because of cleaning and having people over on Sunday. If I get a chance on Saturday I may work on a new print concept. I learned a lot at my color class and I want to try some things out.

    For this week I’m focusing more on job stuff:
    -Figure out a good mentor to help me be a better team lead
    -Figure out where I want to be in my career, for a chat with my boss on goal-setting
    -Determine which internal project I want to focus on (because I’ve signed up for like 3-4 and will only have time for one)

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      How do you even find a mentor? I want a mentor!

      • It’s a thing we do at work. Everyone has a mentor that’s a level above them to help build goals and guide. You’re also allowed to switch it up.

        But honestly, after the layoff last year I realized there are a lot of people who I just informally use as mentors. I would just ask them out to coffee and chat with them. I think just going through your own network leads to good candidates (who are hopefully not super busy). Or going through a professional/networking group.

  7. Kate says:

    I am pretty far along on my Bowie tribute painting project. Makes me kind of sad to work on it though. I blast his music while I paint. Helps.

  8. mikaelajm says:

    February 1st chapter goal: Sent to my advisor on February 2nd, but I think it suuuuuuuucks.
    Medium term finish diss goal: hahahahhaha kill me
    March 1st 10k goal: ooooh, just under the wire, I got in one more training run this afternoon! But… it’s the last one with any walk breaks. The rest are all run for one hour, then run the full 10k. RIP.
    Short term fix taillight goal: DONE! Although I think I way overpaid. The part was like 6$, it took only 10 minutes but I paid almost 80$.

    New short term goal: get ABS light checked.

  9. old man fatima says:

    I finished grouting the bathroom tile and got a new shower curtain. I also painted the hearth and finished the second bathroom ceiling. Flanny, last week you complained that I was making you feel unproductive, but let me tell you that I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT TO HAVE AN UNPRODUCTIVE WEEKEND AGAIN. One day, my friends. One day.

    This weekend we’re going to install a new screen door and put up new exterior trim on the front door. We were going to do more, but that outrageous power bill is cutting deep into the reno money, so we might be a bit behind schedule going forward.

    Work-wise, I was having a really hard time finding enough to keep me busy, which has always been a problem for me at jobs. I always say that in interviews, and they always say “Oh, we’ll give you plenty of work, don’t you worry!” and then I find myself bored half the day. Anyway, on Tuesday I stupidly decided to get proactive and went through all of the files that were sitting on shelves waiting to be updated for the lawyers I work under. There is a lot of stuff that they’re falling behind on! So I said, hey I love law let me do some of the research and legwork for these bad boys. I ended up with a ridiculous overwhelming heap of work that will probably keep me running around for the next two months, which I’m actually super happy about. I made a little spreadsheet so I could prioritize what needs to get done, and I finished all of my Friday work today! One day ahead of schedule, wooo! One of the other girls was sort of needling me about my spreadsheet because how can I waste time making it when there’s so much to do? But then today at 4.28 (we leave at 430), the big boss asked for statuses on a huge list of files and everyone was running around pulling them and trying to figure out where we are on them, and I just pulled my spreadsheet, sent him the relevant files, and was out of the door by 4.35. So take that, spreadsheet deniers.

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