This Is Turning Out To Be A Total Waste Of Time

One of modern pop culture’s most prominent touchstones is the animated television show known as The Simpsons.  I mean, it should be after twenty seven GODDAMN seasons.  To this day, there’s one event in my life that occurs every week that easily calls for a Simpsons quote.  However, this being the internet, you can’t just use words to reference the show’s lines.  It’s gotta be slapped on an image, in Impact font, no less.  Web geniuses Paul Lehrer, Sean Schultz, and Allie Young are here to help with Frinkiac, a Simpsons image search engine.

It’s a very simple site.  Type in any fragment of a quote from the famed Fox show and it will present a host of possible matches.  It is limited to the first 15 seasons of the program, but let’s face it, given its uneven quality the past few years, few people will complain.  Naturally, I had to put this bad boy to the test with a few lines I could recall.

Let’s start with an easy one.  What if I want to see Ned Flanders in a borderline appropriate ski outfit?

Very good.  Well, I need a perfect descriptor for New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski?   How about that episode where people thought Homer was a yeti?

Okay, okay. How about that episode where people are rioting and there’s an unfortunate victim of the mob’s hate?

Damn, well last one.  How about that one where they go to a fantasy band camp, and some asshole grabs Elvis Costello’s glasses?

Alright, you win.  Feel free to dig up your own images.

Via Venture Beat

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9 Responses to This Is Turning Out To Be A Total Waste Of Time

  1. flanny says:

    I thought about, “It’s your sons, George Bush Jr and Jeb Bush” this just morning.

    That is literally my very favorite episode.

  2. Basically my motto every time I break glassware

  3. mordonez says:

    Mrsdonez tasked me with finding a particular screenshot, and I’m wondering if my advanced Frinkiac-icians up in this piece can assist me.

    I’m not coming up with a screenshot of the airborne pig from Lisa the Vegetarian. I think it’s because there’s no dialogue that matches up the split second that the pig shoots out of the dam and flies away. “It’s just a little airborne” is a just a touch late, unfortunately. There’s also no dialogue as the pig flies past the plant window to Burns’s and Smithers’s surprise.

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