The Parent Trap

It’s good to break a child’s brain at such a young age.

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8 Responses to The Parent Trap

  1. artdorkgirl says:

    “Keep me up all night and cry for no reason…I’ll show you!!”–this dad, probs.

  2. flanny says:

    My grandpa was a twin, but I know for a fact that he never had this issue with my mom. All you have to do is emigrate to a completely different continent than your twin and never see him again for as long as you live. Problem solved!

    • catweazle says:

      This is not really relevant aside from being related to twins, but I feel the need to share with you all that my mom has twin sisters named Paula and Paulette. I’ve always thought that was so mean of my grandma!

      • flanny says:

        My grandmother had siblings (not twins) named Frances and Francis. Luckily Francis became a priest and I grew up calling him Father Jerome, but there were whole decades of his life probably where he had the same name as his sister! How confusing!

      • old man fatima says:

        I taught twins who were named Wellington and Wellingson. One is a last name and one is a thing that you invented to sound like the other! I was always very careful to treat them like separate humans, because obviously their parents didn’t care about any of that malarkey!

  3. Sota says:

    My grandma and her twin brother turn 90 today! Can you even imagine?!

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