It’s Project Club Time!

How did you do this week? I’m giving myself a bit of a break because I got backed into and had to take my car to the shop and it ended up being a whole ordeal (don’t worry, Captain Americar is back in fine form), so I only wrote 1,177 words, which, hey, is better than zero words. And I did my taxes, but still didn’t go to the bank. I will never go to the bank. Does the bank even exist? Who knows!

Goals for this week: more words (I’m upholding 5,000 as the standard, but at this point I’ll be happy if I just keep making progress), going to the grocery store to stock up before my city becomes a frozen wasteland over the weekend, and ordering some stuff I need online (so easy, and yet I still put it off). Here’s last week’s post if you need a refresher.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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20 Responses to It’s Project Club Time!

  1. FRQ says:

    I’ve been watching these videos to prepare for a computer certification exam, and one of the things I have to know is the OSI model, and the instructor shared a mnemonic device a student came up with from a night of karaoke: People Don’t Need To Sing Paula Abdul

  2. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Long term:
    Down 11 lbs. Woot. Had to take Monday off from working out because I’m sick and I’ve been half-assing it the rest of the week but I’m still doing it.
    Totally patient all the time. like 60% there.
    Short term:
    Super bowl food was outstanding. Mr. Truck did most of it, but I made pretzel balls and beer cheese dip.
    I have an email signature now and I feel kind of weird about it but I also find it helpful.

    New short term projects:
    Make it through three days while mr. truck is out of town next week (no big deal, I’ve done it a bunch of times).
    Keep watching New Girl (I’m on the first season and it’s so funny).
    Come up with a great idea for this work project.

  3. catweazle says:

    Well we all know the latest delightful developments in my dating project. I was considering giving the whole thing up after the NYE douche debacle but I am going to continue so that he doesn’t win. I’m just going to take my foot off the gas a bit for a while.

    I’m not doing great on the music front. I haven’t finished any songs yet and only have three partially completed. I haven’t been feeling very inspired and I hate forcing myself to write. It doesn’t get good results! So we’ll see how that goes this week.

    I did finally watch 12 Years a Slave and I wrote most of the post about it; I just have to take a few screenshots and polish it up. Which is good because my soul really needs some 13 Going On 30 right now!

  4. Oh man, so bad. The only thing I’ve stayed with is going to the gym every day. I think I’m at like 25 now? However, I have done no writing because I had a potential job interview with a production company so I’ve been watching all of their shows and it took up all my extra writing time.

    Goals for next week – gym every day, finish my pilot and apply for at least 5 jobs.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      I guess I should try to work for a production company. Watching shows is my specialty! I mean, I’m sure working there would require actual work, but I would be great at preparing for the interview!

  5. flanny says:

    I’d like to thank this series, because I would not have folded my laundry if it wasn’t for the fact that I’d committed to it. I walked during my 5K, but I think it was better to walk than to maybe throw up .
    This week, as always, I want to write, but I’m also going to read a couple of chapters of Kavalier and Clay because I just love that book. Also, by next Wednesday I need to have written four or so mass emails for work. I’ve been putting them off for no real reason, but I need to have them done by Wednesday.

  6. Sota says:

    I managed to get one of two in my short term goals. I reached out to find out about professional development dollars at work, but I haven’t written in my journal yet. Long term goals, I started eating better, but I haven’t done my full closet clean out.

    New goals:
    1. Follow up (again) on professional dollars and certification plans
    2. Write in my journal
    3. Closet clean out (long term)
    4. Book hotel for friend’s June wedding
    5. Book plane ticket for other friend’s April wedding
    6. Make a haircut appt to deal with my split ends! (ugh winter!)
    7. Here is the biggie new goal: Starting tomorrow…NO MORE TREATS AT WORK FOR A WHOLE WEEK. Think I can do it?

  7. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I am super disappointed in myself that I still have not completed ANY of my original goals.

    I have to add photos to the work website before it is ready to go live. There are a few other things I will need to finalize, but I don’t anticipate more than a few hours of work left.

    There are only a couple of days left to enter the Orphan Black fan art contest. I just don’t have any ideas – designers block, I guess. Or I’ve just been too lazy and unfocused to come up with an idea. Who knows, maybe I’ll come up with something.

    I have a freelance project to work on over the weekend too, so new goal is getting the first draft of that to the client by Monday.

  8. artdorkgirl says:

    Got back on the ol’ fitbit train and started keeping track of everything (mostly because I was huffing and puffing all over DC last week). So that’s been going pretty well.

    I also did A TON of networking last week, and plan on sending some follow up emails tomorrow. I booked my first big research trip on Wednesday and and have been plowing through the secondary literature at a decent place. I also had a low moment and needed a kick in the pants from Mr. Dork, which worked pretty well.

  9. Storage room still isn’t cleaned out. Oh well, I did manage to clean the rest of my house. In better news, I finally came up with my idea for the print show I’m going to be part of. Now to actually execute it.

    This weekend’s goal: figure out which tax program to use and actually gather all my stuff. 4 months of contracting means I have a lot of receipts to organize. UGH.

  10. mikaelajm says:

    You all should feel awesome for your accomplishments, because I made no progress on any of my goals this week! I did make progress on goals that I did not identify, like “drink a lot of beer” and “spend a lot of money.”

    New short-term goal: figure out what tax service to use and get in gear to use it.

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