The Not So Sweet Taste Of Victory

Not all life hacks lead to good things.

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Once ate an entire blueberry cobbler by accident
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19 Responses to The Not So Sweet Taste Of Victory

  1. flanny says:

    Beating the Taco Bell “machine” really drives the ladies wild.

  2. Well now I want tacos (not from taco bell, obvs)

  3. flanny says:

    Guys! I’m in the basement of my building in my office, and literally no one else is down here, and just a couple of minutes ago my door made a big noise like someone was trying to open it! I think it probably was just that the latch wasn’t 100% engaged when I closed the door (the knob is tricky), but also we’re very close to the date when the founders of the college/town first arrived SO IS IT A GHOST???

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