How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was good–I got a lot of writing done, and I had a nice visit with my dad, who was here to drop my mom off at the airport–but did this feel like the shortest weekend EVER to anyone else? It flew by, and I kind of feel cheated.

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  1. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Mine was really great! Saturday we went to the outlet mall and I spent a bunch but I got a ton of great clothes for me and Tykeasaurus! Plus she was a really good baby throughout all of the shopping! Then we went home and hung out the rest of the night. Sunday we went to the grocery store in the morning, then took a really long walk with the baby and hung out on our porch for a long time (the weather was incredibly beautiful!) with some drinks and we took some photos of Tyke and made some delicious drinks and watched some sports and TV and then the Oscars. It was really nice!! Lots of outside time and lots of walking and lots of family time!

  2. flanny says:

    I spent a lot of this weekend looking at this gif.

    It was a pretty good weekend! All the snow we got on Wednesday/Thursday melted because it was warm and sunny. I didn’t wear socks when I went out on Sunday. And I met my next door neighbor, who is a young man. We met when we both got home at the same time in the early afternoon. I was wearing yoga gear and he was in a suit with a boutonniere and I said he looked spiffy and he said he’d been volunteering at a prom at a senior center! Presh. Before you start shipping us, I am pretty sure he’s an infant.

  3. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I almost bailed on my fun plans because I was tired and had a lot of work to do, but I’m glad I didn’t.

    Today, I will be scrambling to make up for all the stuff I didn’t get done over the weekend, but I have half a piece of Portillo’s chocolate cake to help me power through some bill paying and work projects.

  4. artdorkgirl says:

    I slept all weekend. Ugh. I feel better, but still not 100%. Dumb flu.

    But Flight of the Conchords are going on tour again, you guys!! And they’re coming to Boston!! This is the most exciting news I’ve had in a while!

  5. nastyemu says:

    It was so nice yesterday. I went to the park and read for 3 hours. I got to pet a lot of dogs too, so that was a nice bonus.

  6. mikaelajm says:

    My weekend was pretty good! I did all the things I said I would, except that I got almost nothing done on my dissertation. Like everyone else, there was some beautiful weather, and it’s even nicer today!

  7. Sota says:

    I had a friend in town and we had a super fun weekend shopping, brunching and another friend threw a viewing party for Fuller House and that was a wonderful evening. That show is so chuck full of nostalgia its almost nauseating. They are reusing so many storylines they may as well have just used the original scripts again. Regardless, it provided me the cheeseball recycled “entertainment” and characters that I expected from it.

  8. James H says:

    All my weekends usually fly by, which can be frustrating. Maybe when we set our clocks ahead next month, all that may change

  9. mordonez says:

    I had a pretty good show with my class on Friday (as did our own catweazle with hers), but then I worked all day Saturday before going to a less successful set of student musical performances at a weird pizzeria that had a cavernous performance space accessed via a semi-secret door?

    Then I had a delightful brunch on Sunday before hanging out w/my dad the hospital for a couple hours. Then I returned home and watched those weird Oscars. Dad’s recovering from surgery, and is coming along ok, but slower than he anticipated/hoped.

  10. martinmegz says:

    I got two articles written this weekend but I was supposed to do three plus ten hours of research for another project so I’m still buried under work. The highlight of my weekend was finding a new brunch spot that has BBQ pulled pork pancakes: Pancake/pulled pork/pancake/pulled pork/pancake/pulled pork/fried egg. Gimme a break! Just when I thought I had seen all that the breakfast world had to offer, someone invented this masterpiece. I’m still thinking about it. ALSO I enjoyed a nice FB chat with the LA monsters and Flanny to plan her upcoming visit. It mattered to me, Flanny, okay?

  11. gnidrah says:

    Hey there monsters! Lots of love to you all! I spent the whole weekend in an intensive Portuguese class. Becaaaaaause… I have been accepted as a volunteer for the Rio Olympics! Still need a lot more information from the organisers so I can’t tell you much more than that at this stage. But my Portuguese is coming on pretty well so far!

    (Eurovision season is also getting underway! More on that another day!)

    • mordonez says:

      Stay healthy! Don’t work on/attend sailing/rowing/non-swimming-pool swimming!

      • gnidrah says:

        Ha, thanks. I’m more concerned for the locals than for myself on that front (right now anyway), but slightly bothered that the organisers haven’t even mentioned it to us officially. I think things are being done at what might be called a “laidback” pace.

        • hotspur says:

          I feel like I haven’t seen you around here in a while and it is good to have you back. Stop achieving, comment more!

        • gnidrah says:

          Thank you! I have also just quit my job (yeah, that one) so I hope to have more time for fun. Also, see more daylight.

  12. FRQ says:

    My weekend was fine. I did some volunteering Saturday (no seniors prom though) and went to a basketball game yesterday, and spent the rest of the weekend catching up on Oscar movies, then, of course, watching the Oscars. I also discovered the wonders of the KonMari folding technique, and it has revolutionized my dresser and closet space.

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      I want to do this! Here’s my question – do you have a lot of shirts that are all slightly different sizes and if so do they all fold down to the exact same size? My problem with my current folding technique is that I have so many different sizes in t-shirts (some baggy, some fitted, etc) and they’re just never the same size when folded so it looks messy even when it’s not!

      • FRQ says:

        So far I have done it only with t-shirts, socks, underwear, and hoodies. While the t-shirts may vary in cut, I used the same technique on all of them without issue. If you’re referring to other kinds of shirts, I haven’t gotten there yet, but it appears that it’s the same basic technique for everything, just more or less folding depending on size. I think the goal is to get everything in rectangles and fold as much as possible.

        • collin0truckasaurus says:

          Yeah I would only be doing this for tshirts. We’re doing some closet renovation and after that I will fold my shirts this way and report back.

  13. I had book club and hung out with a friend from college on Saturday, but otherwise was pretty lazy. I only left my house on Sunday to take out the garbage. I slightly regret that decision because it was nice out, but also this week at work is nuts so I am glad I rested.

  14. hotspur says:

    My friend was in town and we went on a loop of activities around Southern Cali for three days. We saw a whole bunch of stuff that is all within 2-3 hours of me that I never even think of doing. It was fun. A highlight was the date shake on Saturday, which is a milkshake made with dates. You guys would like it.

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