Tuesday TV Talk

What have you guys watched this past week?  I’ve just been sticking to the usual: Bob’s Burgers, American Crime Story (OJ), Broad City, and New Girl.  Speaking of which, you’re welcome, ladies.



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  1. catweazle says:

    I’m getting soooo close to being current on The Vampire Diaries! Being out of town all week set me back but I knocked out a few over the weekend. I think the last one I watched involved the Huntress stabbing Stefan and me being really confused that neither he nor Damon were already marked because Julian stabbed both of them with the magic sword, but WHATEVER. It was sweet that Alaric named one of the babies after Caroline’s mom but I still want to vomit when I think about them being paired romantically in the future. First she has to bear your children because of magic and then she has to date your old alcoholic ass? She better not go the way of every single other Alaric love interest! I am glad they killed off Julian though because it seemed like they were trying so hard to make him Klaus and he was no Klaus.

    Other than that, I watched the first couple of episodes of Daredevil mainly because of the Jessica Jones connection but also because Charlie Cox is cute.

    And speaking of cute guys, in case anyone missed it, I am making a March Tournament of Hotties and will post the bracket tomorrow so if you have any last minute fox nominations please tell me now! I have a list but I’m not married to it.

    • I assume Jake Johnson is going to win this tournament. And by assume, I mean of course he will.

    • catweazle says:

      Oh also I kind of loved the whole burning Elena’s body thing because it seemed like a big “You can’t quit because you’re fired (literally), Nina Dobrev!” move but then it turned out to be a phoenix stone hallucination and I was sad 😦

    • Sota says:

      Yeah I don’t know, I guess the Caroline – Alaric thing didn’t shock me too much. I mean at the rate they kill off people on this show, eventually they will all have dated and slept with every other person they arent genetically related to. Meh.

      Also…TVD got picked up for another season which shocked me greatly. I figured when Elena left and then CW moved it to Friday nights that it was just gonna end quickly, but apparently not.

      • catweazle says:

        Oh yeah, I saw that! Apparently they renewed literally all of their shows though so maybe they were just feeling lazy. If the next season’s villains are a family of very old British vampires with special abilities I’m going to be mad, though the Heretics aren’t as bad as I expected now that Not Klaus and Mrs. Giver Of Mommy Issues are gone.

        Also I forgot to mention earlier something that really bothered me with the Lily Salvatore plotline: they completely retconned Giuseppe! I mean, sure, he was a bit of a turd what with the murdering his own sons thing but that was all because of old-timey vampire racism! And he seemed to have a good relationship with at least Stefan in the season 1 flashbacks! I hate when shows retcon things, especially when it’s in service of characters I couldn’t give two shits about (*cough*Lily*cough*).

  2. I haven’t been watching anything but West Wing, so I’m just here for Nick gifs.

  3. Haha whoops. I forgot to write this up last night and I think I publish on mine at about the same second this one posted. Here are my thoughts about things:

    The 100 – I haven’t watched this week’s episode yet so DON’T SPOIL ME

    American Crime – I was pretty underwhelmed with the ending. I really wish they had avoided the school shooting and instead just focused on the sexual assault, which I found significantly more interesting and much closer to American Crime’s real strengths of quietly powerful emotional moments. The shooting just didn’t quite fit. I wish they had chosen instead to do a whole season devoted to a school shooting because that could have been really interesting. The other thing is, I get that the world is filled with ambiguity and all that but that is like THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING about the world. Why can’t my TV shows just give me real answers and not make me suffer constantly?

    Emmerdale – Pretty boring this week and Emmerdale is becoming a bit Hollyoaksesque in the way that they have been using babies for quick emotional manipulation. When is the last time a baby was born on this show without having some sort of trauma or brain damage or something? The whole thing with Leo hurting April was pretty lame and so blown out of proportion but the scene where Carly told Marlon about her son was gripping. Even my cold, black heart had feelings.

    Jane the Virgin – I am still one or two episodes behind in this show but I really cannot believe that Jane picked Michael. I feel like they are trying to get us to believe that she and Michael have this deep love but we’ve never super seen that. I also think it’s kind of underwhelming that the show is setting it up to be Jane/Michael and Raf/Petra, so we are literally back where we started in the first episode. The only think good about Michael getting back with Jane is that we’ll get more of his and Rogelio’s awesome bromance. As long as the stalker doesn’t kill him or something.

  4. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    We are really behind on most of our shows.

    Caught up on iZombie last night – I love that show so much! And it got renewed for season 3!

  5. I’ve been spiritually preparing for Daredevil season 2, which I worry I’m not going to like, for no reason at all. The new cast and characters seem great, yet I feel trepidation.

    I also think I’m going to start Crazy Ex-Girlfriend this very evening.

  6. flanny says:

    I watched all of Making A Murderer this weekend. Boy, that’s some fucked up shit, huh? When they showed Brendan in the last episode, it just about broke my heart! That poor guy! It doesn’t help that everyone keeps calling him stupid so much. Poor Brendan! Also, watching this made me realize I don’t really know running an auto salvage yard involves. Like, they just get old cars and then wait until someone needs a part and then they go through them and take out that part? What a crazy job!

    I also watched almost all of this season of Top Chef on vacation. I’m bummed because I was Team Karen all the way, so now I don’t really have a horse in this race. However, related to Top Chef, I went to Richard Blais’ restaurant while in San Diego, and oh my shit, it was so good! The best was with dessert that had fresh blueberries and this weird freeze-dried blueberry stuff and then parsley ice cream. And I usually do not like dessert unless it had chocolate in it, so the fact that I liked it the most is high praise!

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      I’ve always wanted to try a Top Chef restaurant, but I haven’t watched the show in a really long time. The woman who owns Girl and the Goat was sitting next to us at Greek Islands restaurant in Chicago. So she definitely has good taste in Greek food, but I’ve yet to try her restaurant.

      Are you caught up on Project Runway?

      • flanny says:

        Why do I always forget to mention PR on these threads? Yes, I’m caught up! I didn’t think Valerie’s coat was as hideous as the judges made it out to be. (I’m such a Valerie apologist.) She wanted to look like she was wrapped up in a blanket and so she was! But I really like the blue coat (sans cape. I just don’t like capes.) and the military guy’s peacoat. Sam continues to be the most annoying.

        • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

          I actually liked Valerie’s coat, and you are right, she did exactly what her model wanted. Not a huge fan of the jump suit under it, but her look was way better than Sam’s. The model in the military peacoat really sold that look. He was loving the runway!

          I loved Ken’s sassy line – “This isn’t summer camp. Someone should have gone home.” Usually I don’t like his drama, but he’s right. The judges are being so wishy washy. But I’m glad Valerie made it through.

        • flanny says:

          I should have been a little bit stronger in what I said. I didn’t think Valerie’s coat was hideous at all! I don’t know if I personally would wear it, but I’ve seen the judges go gaga over much crazier stuff than that, so their reaction was confusing.

    • Poor Brandon. I don’t for sure think that Steven Avery didn’t do it so I have mixed feelings about his conviction but that kid just got completely railroaded. That made me angrier than anything else in the entire series.

  7. Sota says:

    My free ride Netflix plan ran out, so I haven’t really been watching much of anything lately. I am going to resign up, but I just haven’t done it yet. Instead when I have been home and needed stuff on in the background I have been rewatching Happy Endings on dvd. That show is SO GOOD. I just cant with how much I love it. I love it enough to own it on dvd…which says something about how much I love it.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      Sometimes I buy DVDs of things just to show my financial support. I will probably never watch season 1 of Orphan Black on DVD, but when they released that DVD, I wanted to do my part to boost ratings or help show the executives that there was money to be made.

      Other times I buy the DVDs to loan them out. I have loaned my Veronica Mars series to anyone that will willingly take it.

  8. flanny says:

    Guys! There’s going to be a fifth Indiana Jones? I feel stupid to be so excited about it, seeing as how I was burnt so bad by the fourth one (and second one, tbh). But . . . I’m excited!!!!!

    • Sota says:

      I am super excited about it as well! I know Crystal Skull was basically Crystal Dull, but I am still totally going to see the new Indy film opening night. I love Harrison Ford as Indy so so much. I have hope that they could give us something good to enjoy. Don’t let us down Harrison!!!!

      • flanny says:

        Confessiongum: I am okay if they don’t have Harrison, or maybe do a Young Indiana thing where he thinks back on a past experience. I’m not super interested in the fifties or sixties, which I think would be the appropriate time period for an Indy that age, so I’d be more than willing to suspend my disbelief in recasting if we can get back to the inter-war period. (If only River Phoenix were still alive, RIP you beautiful angel.)

        • Sota says:

          Harrison is def in it. Not sure how much of a role he will play in it.

        • Erika says:

          Personally I find Indy pretty boring if he’s not fighting Nazis. Obviously nothing about it is real archaeology, but having it set pre-WWII gives it a little more believability with Indy’s cowboy antics.

    • Crystal Skull was so terrible that I am not getting my hopes up. Spielberg has a better record than Lucas, but let’s be honest maybe someone else should take the helm (a la Star Wars). Also, Shia best not be coming back.

      Though this does make me want to rewatch #1 and #3 (I agree, Temple of Doom is not that good).

      • flanny says:

        While waiting in line at Disneyland for the Indiana Jones ride, it dawned on me that Indy is to me what Star Wars must be to a lot of people. Even so, I have seen Temple of Doom maybe 3 times in my entire life, and one of those times would have been pre-memory when it came out on VHS. Meanwhile, I literally wore out the tape on Raiders.

        I want to not get my hopes up, but they’re up, goddamn it!

        • Star Wars was definitely my first love, but Indy was up there as well. My best friend and I would switch between blowing up the Death Star and escaping from a temple trap (usually via his tire swing). That’s why Crystal Skull was so disappointing. The trailers made it look great! Then Indy escaped an atomic blast via a refrigerator? What the hell is wrong with you Spielberg? Also, waste of a Cate Blanchett.

        • flanny says:

          Even good stuff is a waste of a Cat Blanchett. She’s too good for this world!

        • FRQ says:

          Temple of Doom was on the Esquire Channel this weekend, and I agree with you both.

  9. FRQ says:

    Since we’re talking movies, I’d just like to say that I love Sally Field


  10. old man fatima says:

    I’ve started watching the new season of Mindy, and it is giving me some legit LOLs.

    As always, I love The People v OJ so much that I can’t even talk about it in public.

    We finished Edwardian Farm and it made me so sad that I’m holding off on continuing the series. I wanted them to live in the Edwardian period on that farm forever, like those Victorian lunatics! I didn’t ever want them to leave!! 😦 😦

    • Sota says:

      I just finished the previous season of Mindy. Sometimes she says things that just make me think she might be my best friend Ive never met who is fictional.

  11. collin0truckasaurus says:

    I enjoyed The Bachelor last night and I am sort of fine with the choice for Bachelorette. Also I was pretty sure of the season winner by about minute 2 after she was introduced. We drank wine and ate salted caramel blondies. It was great.

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