It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

What are your plans for the weekend? Tomorrow I’m hanging out with my best friend and going to see the new house she just bought, which is very exciting, and then on Sunday I’m probably going to sleep a lot.



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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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23 Responses to It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

  1. ughhhhhhhhh I probably have to go to this thing on Sunday for the work project that I hate with unbridled passion and that they super do not need me to be there for and I will have nothing to do but stew in my hatred. Should be fun.

  2. catweazle says:

    I’m going to possibly buy the very expensive keyboard I’ve been wanting for years after work today! Not super pumped to drop in the neighborhood of $3000 but YOLO or whatever. I don’t have much else planned for the weekend and it’s going to be cold outside so I might just indulge myself with naps and red wine and videogames.

  3. FRQ says:

    I’ll be heading to Maryland for a wedding for the weekend, and of course it’s supposed to snow the day I’m supposed to return. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends, but the day after the ceremony I will get home one way or another, even if I have to take that Dutch bicycle I posted yesterday.

  4. gnidrah says:

    I’m going to PARISSSSS! For the rugby – France v England. I’m hoping to get a spot of shopping and a spot of classy lunch in. And the best bit is (though shhhhh don’t tell my friend) there’s a spare seat next to me on the Eurostar and I am *pretty* sure my French husband will be sitting in it.

    (yeah I’m drunk at work, what of it?)

    • gnidrah says:

      It should be pointed out it’s 7pm and everyone else is too, btw.

    • Ooh, please take pictures and/or do a post about it.

      • gnidrah says:

        Bless you. I did take pictures with all of you guys in mind, and hopefully I will get some free time to pop them into a post for you. I’m struggling a bit at the moment because I am having to re-learn how to manage my time doing a 9-6 job, having not done one for so long, I am a bit crap at it. I have to write the Night Manager post and the Paris post, and I totally will… they just might be a couple of weeks away!

  5. flanny says:

    Love the gif, Theresa.

    I wish I had a more exciting weekend planned. Just yoga and then I should really take a page from Theresa’s post yesterday and clean my apartment top to bottom. But it is the weekend and this is the first week where I’ve worked all five days in almost a month, so I’m needing it!

  6. artdorkgirl says:

    I realized yesterday that I’m not going to New York this week, but the week after! Which means I have a whole nother week to get stuff done here! Mr. Dork is going to make his all spaghetti sauce on Sunday and we’ll probably start Daredevil. Maybe watch a little b-ball too. It could be wild!

  7. hotspur says:

    I’m going to finish the things I didn’t finish last weekend, plus some things that got added to the to-do list this week. It is a grueling list, but I am absolutely committed to achieving all of it. (I will fail.)

  8. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Will keep watching March Madness (did you guys see the Michigan State game???) and hang out with my family. Then Sunday I will be attending my boss’ mother’s funeral and that will be difficult.

  9. old man fatima says:

    I’m back to doing boring house stuff for (hopefully) the last weekend, but can I tell you about last weekend because I missed the Friday post and the Monday post? Just not enough posts about the weekend for my taste, I guess! Last weekend my cousin was in town and I went to a taco and gin dinner party and also ran an adoption event for the dog shelter I volunteer at and there was lots of DRAMA at it because a lady who stole (!!!) one of our dogs last year showed up demanding that we pay that dog’s vet bills because she never signed anything taking ownership of the dog and now the dog has cancer! She was yelling in front of all of the potential adopters and saying she was going to go to the press about how awful we are, so I called the cops and she was removed. We had called them when she stole the dog, and they said that because we released the dog into her custody (we do sleepovers before you adopt to make sure the dog is a good fit) and she was claiming ownership, the dog is officially hers. Which also means we aren’t responsible for vet bills, thank goodness.That poor dog, though! But We have approved applications in for all of our dogs right now, so the event was a success anyway! Take that, dog thief!

    • artdorkgirl says:

      Is there anything lower than a dog thief? I don’t think so.

      • old man fatima says:

        The shelter even offered to waive the adoption fee if she just brought the dog back so it could be vetted and chipped first, but she wouldn’t! What a nutter. We make people sign stuff before they get any one-on-one time with the dogs now. It’s all foster homes, so the adoption events are the only time you can go and meet one without signing a contract and having a home visit and assessment first.

  10. artdorkgirl says:


  11. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    If I don’t get a solid night’s sleep this weekend, I am going to lose my damn mind.

    I think Hateful Eight is now available to rent, so I am almost certain we will watch that at some point.

    I have two big projects to finish for work, so hopefully I can manage to get those done in addition to some household tasks.

  12. mordonez says:

    I’m bringing my dad home after he spent his first week out of the hospital (gnidrah: out of hospital) convalescing with a friend of his who is also a retired doctor and A+ hoarder (not that I should talk but I do NOT have newspapers dating back to 2004 in the basement), so that’s a relief.

    I am also….NOT WORKING this weekend, which is a Christmas in March miracle. In weird news, mrsdonez, long out of work since her company closed the Chicago office, is very likely to get a job offer (oh good!) in Milwaukee (Oh! Uh..Hmmmm). So things are about to get weird, I think, but probably manageable? Right? What do you mean they don’t allow any telecommuting?

    Sunday I have a rehearsal out in the boonies for my band, which has a show a week from Saturday, and then probably dinner at a Japanese teppanyaki (aka cook-on-the-table) place for mrsdonez’s son’s birthday.

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