National Grilled Cheese Month: NABI’s Unbelievable Freshness

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Almost everything is name brand in this sandwich! A rarity.

Neverabadidea had a whole pile of suggestions for grilled cheese sandwiches, and I wasn’t sure how I’d decide what to make. What eventually tipped the scales to “whole wheat, sharp chedder, honey mustard, cucumbers” was that I aleady had a loaf of whole wheat bread and I really love honey mustard. I was also incredibly interested in NABI’s claim that mayonnaise would make the sandwich crisper.

The assembly of the sandwich was pretty straightforward. My heart thrilled as I put the mayo on the slices of bread. I sliced the cukes the long way instead of in medallions, and I feel like that was the right choice. (So many times during this month I’ve felt like I’m doing the technical challenge on the British Bake-Off.) Two slices of extra-thin sliced sharp cheddar, one on either side of the cukes.

So I said in the opening post, I’ve been in a bit of a grilled cheese rut for the past few years, so I’m used to making sandwiches with very soft cheese and thick-cut bread slathered with not a lot of butter. With these new recipes, I have all sorts of different thicknesses ofbread and it can be harder than you would imagine to estimate when that perfect moment between melted cheese and burnt bread is going to be. Add mayo into the mix and all bets are off! The first side of the sandwich browned really nicely, and I could tell when I flipped the sandwich that it was going to nice and crisp as promised.
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But then a number of things conspired against me. It looked like the cheese hadn’t melted yet, so I thought I would leave the second side on the pan a little longer. And then I got distracted by my cat (she wanted some treats and I wanted to pet her and kiss her on her little head) and I think probably by that point the pan had heated up a bit more, and so the second side of the sandwich was charred black! And the cheese didn’t even melt as much as I would have liked.

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I didn’t take a picture of the charred black side because I take my food porn very seriously. (Featuring special guest star Kale Salad.)

But even thought the burnt, the sandwich was really good! NABI was right! The one slice of bread was very crisp and satisfying, but even more satisfying was the crunch that came from the cukes! It tasted so fresh and I felt like I was at some kind of tea party where they’d serve sandwiches I’d actually like! Very good, very much recommended for the summer time months.


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6 Responses to National Grilled Cheese Month: NABI’s Unbelievable Freshness

  1. artdorkgirl says:

    I would have never thought of the addition of cucumbers before and now I’m intrigued. This might get into my summer rotation!

  2. Kate says:

    Ok here’s the secret to melting the cheese: Have a lid handy that will fit over the sandwich without crushing it. Get a little bit of water in a measuring cup. Once you toast the sandwich on both sides (I use the mayo trick too), pour a tiny amount of water into the hot pan and quickly cover the steam and sandwich with the lid for about 30 seconds. Voilà. Melty cheese.

  3. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Inspired by this whole adventure and having learned that mustard on a grilled cheese is a thing i’m beyond confused as to have not heard about, I made a grilled cheese sandwich with mustard on Saturday night. Guys. I don’t want to oversell it, but it may have been the best grilled cheese I have ever made at home. Adding to the deliciousness of the mustard, the cheese was slightly bigger than the bread so it overflowed and got really crispy on its own and that really took this whole thing over the top. (for those interested: 2 slices sharp cheddar, 1 slice munster, German honey mustard with a kick)

    • old man fatima says:

      I also made a mustard grilled cheese on the weekend! Are we twins??????????? Mine was very thin barley rye with swiss and dijon. It was HEAVEN. I made a ginger mushroom sriracha soup to go with it.

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