Tuesday TV Talk

Can you guys believe that it’s almost May!? I feel like 2016 is flying by with a bullet and I have just so very little to show for it. Anyways, let’s talk TV!

Game of Thrones – It feels like it’s been 75 years since last season ended but the new season is finally here. Mordonez already did a very thorough recap for all of us but if you missed it, feel free to discuss below. I will say, the last scene with Melisandre made me laugh, not because of the big reveal but because I was envisioning the room of 25-year old dude writers realizing they accidentally wrote an entire episode without any gratuitous nudity so they just threw in that last scene.

Outlander – I was worried that this season wouldn’t be as interesting as last because it would be too much about the mid-18th century politics that I know literally nothing about (sorry Ms. Walker, you tried to teach me) but so far it’s been really good. As someone who is currently unemployed and spends most of my time not doing anything, Claire’s restlessness felt VERY real to me. And while Jamie was being a big macho jerk about Claire daring to have a life outside of him, I think the show does a good job of making clear that there is a lot more going on than that. There is still a huge chasm between Jamie and Claire since Wentworth Prison and Black Jack Randall and it’s interesting to see that play out in their life in more ways than just PTSD sex-flashbacks. Of course, the big plot point left hanging is Claire not telling Jamie that Randall is still alive, which is definitely going to come out next week. I hope that he does not take his anger and frustration out on Claire, because there’s only so many instances of that I can forgive. Also, Jamie needs a haircut.

Catastrophe – This show originally aired in the UK and is now available on Amazon Prime and since I don’t have a life, I watched all 12 episodes one night. It’s really funny! Co-written by Rob Delany of Rob Delany’s twitter feed, the show is about an American man and an Irish woman who conceive a baby after a one-night stand and decide to raise it together. It’s a show of amazing one-liners but still manages to surprise me with how it fits in some really touching emotional beats. I do think Sharon was a little too bitter and pessimistic in season 2 and I think they should tone that down just a titch next season but the show is laugh out loud funny, totally crude and offensive and I highly recommend it.

Transparent – Again, I have no life so I watched this show this weekend. I really want to like it but god, everyone is just so miserable all the time. It’s exhausting. By the end of season 2, Josh was my favorite character which was an appalling realization. I hope that Sarah has an actual story arc, Ali stops being the worst and Maura has some happy, uplifting moments.

The 100 – More juvenile delinquent murder bonding, which is my favorite thing the show does. I actually really liked that Bellamy and Clarke had pretty much no plan going into the final showdown with Emerson. It feels pretty authentic that these young kids wouldn’t always have multi-tier tricky plans and would instead be like “what if we just like…try to shoot him?” Sucks to lose Sinclair since he was the only cool dad left but it’s the 100 and someone had to die. Now that the group is split up and A.L.I.E has taken over Polis, the show is really wide open for the final three episodes and I really don’t know what to expect going forward.

RuPaul’s Drag Race – Thank effing God Derrick Barry is finally gone.

That’s all for my lengthy thoughts for this week. What did I miss?



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22 Responses to Tuesday TV Talk

  1. flanny says:

    Are Sam and Isaac Mizrahi banging? That rainbow dress was some how both garish and so boring, and the concept behind it was muddled and cliche. Ugggg, SAM!
    I know we have a couple of Amazing Race-heads on here, so can I just say that I thought this season has been pretty exciting! Lots of close calls! Lots of thrilling challenges! And the kites??? So pretty!

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      I know who went home because I follow her on Facebook, but I haven’t seen the episode. I have seen multiple people on the internet that think Sam is only there because of Isaac’s crush on him, so yeah, you are probably right. At this point, I hope Dom wins. Or maybe Ken.

  2. catweazle says:

    I sincerely apologize for failing so hard at Drag Race recaps this season! I started writing one for last week’s episode but I couldn’t stream it on my computer because it claimed I didn’t have a plugin (which I totally did) and rather than taking the time to troubleshoot I just gave up. Oops! I’ll try to catch up this week but I do need to say that I am rejoicing after the last episode! For the first time ever I am a fan of all of the top four queens, which is awesome but is going to make the rest of the season rough because I don’t know who my favorite is and I kind of want all of them to win! Of course it will probably be Bob, but you never know.

    I have a ton of shit on my DVR right now because I never restarted watching shows after the weird early-spring hiatus they all went on so I’m behind on everything again. And it’s the beginning of two hellishly busy weeks at work and I am partaking in my tradition of rewatching Cougar Town to de-stress.

    • I didn’t want to step on your toes because I know you’re on the Drag Race beat for this site but I was watching the last 3 episodes while writing this and MAN is Derrick the worst! So much casual racism! So many unnecessarily nasty comments to the other queens! I can’t believe he lasted as long as he did.

      • catweazle says:

        I loved this week when she was just laying into Naomi and Naomi was like “I’m not offended, I have thick skin” and Derrick looked shocked like “HOW COULD YOU NOT BE HURT BY MY SICK BURNS!” and then just went after her even harder. Ugh! I know Bob had her speech about how Derrick is actually super brave and great or whatever but girl show me the footage or I don’t buy it!

        • And then Naomi even tried to help her with her makeup! I know that reality tv has a LOT of sneaky editing and it’s quite possible that everyone said 10x as much mean stuff as Derrick but they cut it out but man, he just sucked so hard

  3. Sota says:

    I haven’t been watching anything. I have two eps left to catch up on TVD and I am really excited to watch Season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt, so I am hoping it rains all weekend so that I don’t feel guilty about staying inside the whole time.

  4. mordonez says:

    Tangentially related to TV Talk–anyone have any idea why, when sharing my recaps on ye olde Facebook, it does not have a thumbnail? If in the future, I remember to select a “featured image” when creating the post, should that work? Can I retroactively add one?

  5. FRQ says:

    I get why Transparent is a revered show, but good lord the kids are insufferable as shit. Josh was actually alright in season 2, but the other two, man, I could not relate in any way shape or form. Maura is the only character I can sympathize with. Also, as weird as it was at times, I kind of liked the German flashbacks.

    I tried watching The Night Manager over the weekend, and I fell asleep halfway through the first episode. Granted, I had just started taking new medication, but I didn’t find it all that gripping. It wasn’t bad, though, so I may pick up the 2nd half when I have the time.

    Other than that, the only other new show I’ve watched is the Silicon Valley season 3 premiere, which was decent.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      The RIGBY conversation in Silicon Valley was so funny. Along with Jared clearing the bong. The only thing I did not like was that Richard was being obnoxiously unreasonable, even though I understand why he would be upset.

      • nastyemu says:

        Agreed, unfortunately Richard being obnoxiously unreasonable was most of the episode. Also everything with Gavin was perfect.

    • I didn’t mind the German flashbacks but I definitely did not understand them at all until I read some AV Club recaps that explained the connection between Germany and the Pfeffermans. I think my mom was right that TV is for sure rotting my brain.

  6. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Silicon Valley started this weekend, and it was great.

    Johnny Lee Miller better win this round of the hotties tournament because he has been so great on Elementary the last few episodes – he’s always great, but his sass has been even sassier than usual.

    I’m about half way through season 8 of How I Met Your Mother. The love stories between the characters have been all over the place in the later seasons, but I still enjoy watching it.

    • martinmegz says:

      The scene when JLM is reacting to seeing Watson pay attention to a specific murder victim was so good. He is so good! Just his facial expression conveys so much.

      • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

        There was a scene a couple episodes back when Marcus found cameras in the light fixtures, and said something like, “You wouldn’t know it if you didn’t see the color of the light.” Sherlock replied “Yes I would.”

        Also him jumping on the trampoline.

  7. nastyemu says:

    I finished this season of Girls. It was really good, probably the best season. If you gave up on it before, maybe give it another shot!
    Vinyl finished too, it wasn’t great but there’s some promise. They tied up a dumb loose end and they’re replacing the showrunner for season 2 so hopefully it gets better.
    I thought the GoT premiere was pretty great. Definitely better than their usual episode one. Really hoping Edd brings back Tormund with him and he splits Olly’s skull open.
    Veep is back, it’s still pretty great. Silicon Valley has always been hit or miss for me, and I thought the premiere was mostly a miss, but it had a lot of new ground to cover so I’ll forgive it.

  8. martinmegz says:

    I thought the double episode of New Girl was great this week. The Jess plots continue to be idiotic and rely on her being incapable of acting like a normal person. The stuff with other characters was fantastic. I especially love when Schmidt suddenly understood Rhonda’s pranks and took so much joy in it. “You got Rhonda’d!”

    Last weeks’ The 100 was the weakest episode of the entire series for me. It felt like a stupid Halloween episode but it’s April! And it was boring! The Blacklist also put up a weird episode but at least this one was important because it filled in some back story and transitioned from the major character death (fake death?) the week before.

    In other TV news, I’m obsessed with the Kelly Ripa scandal. Apparently when Strahan started working part time at GMA a few years ago, she didn’t like that he wasn’t as committed to Live. Then he quit Live to go full time at GMA, and she thinks the network is putting GMA above her show, plus they didn’t even tell her until the last second. So she didn’t show up to work the rest of the week and people are calling her a diva, but I understand why she was so hurt.

  9. I’ve been to tired to do anything other than marathon Bob’s Burgers recently, which has been wonderful and restorative. I’m still not caught up on the new episodes, though.

  10. collin0truckasaurus says:

    I watched the Prince episode of New Girl last night and it was so magical and beautiful and he’s all magic!

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