Homeless Monsters Tournament of Hotties: Sexy Sixteen Part Three

Here’s where things get really interesting! The Other Non-North American Foxes division was full of upsets in rounds one and two, but can the Cinderella stories continue at this advanced stage? Let’s find out!

Alfonso Herrera (16) vs. Gael Garcia Bernal (4)

It’s hard to feel surprised that Alfonso took out a top seed in his first round when you consider the following picture. And as you gaze upon it, please let it sink in that even though he is fairly unknown and there aren’t really all that many pictures of him on the internet, there were MULTIPLE pictures of him looking like he loves this dog more than anybody has ever loved anything.

Sure, this still from Amores Perros is a bit on the old side, but beauty such as that which Gael possesses can never fade. Also, he is not wearing a shirt.


Godfrey Gao (14) vs. Ewan McGregor (2)

It may be unfair to the competition to use the following GIF of Godfrey (and it must be said that there are a PLETHORA of images/GIFs of him playing with puppies AND kittens AND human babies and I suggest you search for them immediately) but how could I not once I feasted my eyes upon it?

But on the other hand, Ewan McGregor once rode around on a bicycle with a dog in the basket while wearing a twee hat that somehow doesn’t make him look like a douchebag, which isn’t really fair to the Earth.


Voting will close on Thursday at 11PM ET!


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  1. hotspur says:

    You guys should go vote for Johnny Lee Miller in the other post while there’s still time, because Trainspotting is a great movie.

    • martinmegz says:


      • hotspur says:

        If you ever want to international-travel to Scotland, it would be better if you’re not walking around Edinburgh getting recognized as someone who hated Trainspotting so much she specifically joined a website five years in advance so that she could vote against it. Just sayin.

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