Tuesday TV Talk

Welcome to another episode of Tuesday TV Talk.  I know we are all still trying to get over the absolute shock that happened on the last episode of Game of Thrones but if you want to talk about other things, here you go! Obviously, spoilers below.

Game of Thrones – If there is one person who wasn’t expecting Jon Snow to come back to life, I have yet to meet them. It would be more likely for Ramsey Bolton to bring Sansa a kitten and kindly babysit his new little brother than for Jon Snow to stay dead. I am glad to see Bran again because he is one of my faves and my prediction is that Bran will be the one to see the Tower of Joy battle in one of his visions and learn about Jon Snow’s true parentage.  I am also on board with the theory of Meera being Jon Snow’s secret twin so we’ll see what happens.

Outlander – I’m glad that Claire and Jamie finally reconnected and he’s opening up to her again about his struggles with his PTSD. I am a little bit suspicious of the apothecary dude, he seems too overly nice to Claire for no reason. I also wish Claire hadn’t been so cavalier about being late to the dinner when she knows that is something that would piss Jamie off. As far as Mary, I am not making any judgements about her until I see what the next few episodes hold for her but I do wish this show would move outside of rape as a major plot point for every single character.

Supernatural – I’m still a few episodes behind on this season but it’s pretty decent. I’m glad that Cas is finally getting some decent screen time, even though it’s still not enough but if Dean hooks up with Amara, I am quitting this show (that’s a lie, I will watch it until they finally put it out of it’s misery.) Also, they need to stop killing off Sam and Dean because we all know they aren’t going to stay dead for long and it’s really lost any emotional resonance at this point.

The 100 – Oh Bellamy, please do not complain about Octavia not forgiving you for getting her boyfriend murdered for at least 5 more seasons. Literally no one feels bad for you and you are making yourself even more unsympathetic with your whining. I usually like the flashbacks because I like having more of the background but they could have illuminated on more than just Pike and Murphy, especially since Pike sucks and is the worst. Also, this episode, like every episode needs more Miller because Miller is the best.



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13 Responses to Tuesday TV Talk

  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    This season of Orphan Black has been pretty great so far. Helena living with Allison and Donnie is perfect, and I like that we are seeing more about Beth.

    A new season of Penny Dreadful started. That show is VERY hit and miss for me, but the new episode was good. Also this guy is the best…

  2. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Flanny, I’m only halfway through the new Project Runway. I love when they get to make their own prints!

  3. catweazle says:

    Because of my newfound Sebastian Stan crush I watched all of Political Animals and several Carter Baizen episodes of Gossip Girl over the weekend. Political Animals was so poignant because it was made in 2012 when people didn’t hate Hillary Clinton with the fire of a thousand suns. Also it is a weird show in that Bob Benson is on it playing a straight person. And Nathan Petrelli is playing the President (which also happened on Heroes but only when he was body-snatched by Sylar!).

    I think I have given up on recapping Drag Race this season because I have more fun watching it if I’m not thinking about writing about it. Sorry not sorry! I love this season so much despite the fact that somehow Derrick skated through to the top five. I’m happy with the final three though I was very sad to see last night’s eliminee go. It was not who I expected! But I love them all so there was no possible nightmare outcome.

    • I was sad to see her go too, but it was what I was expecting. I genuinely don’t know who I think will win. Obviously Bob did well the whole season performance wise but her clothes and make-up were kind of only fine/good whereas Kim Chi does amazing looks but struggled a little bit more. But I also like Naomi, even if I don’t think she has a chance of winning. Luckily I like all three of them so I don’t really care that much who wins.

      Are you going to DragCon? I keep seeing all the ads for it around LA.

    • old man fatima says:

      Did you expect it to be Naomi? Because her runway outfit was so HORRIBLE?? I can’t believe they gave Bob sass for that amazing tuxedo and let Naomi skate by with that hideous pantsuit that made it look like she was on stilts. I’m so so sad to see Chi Chi go, but I’m really glad that she made it this far and seems to be finally ready to love herself. I love you Chi Chi! I love how you talk and I want you to read me bedtime stories and tell me about your day!!

      • old man fatima says:

        Oh yes, if I had scrolled down two inches I would have seen that you thought it would be Naomi.

  4. flanny says:

    Project Runway was crazy, and that’s all I’ll say about it until costco finishes it.

    I guess all the other shows I watched were PBS-based. Call the Midwife was traumatizing enough that if I ever get pregnant I will fear being alone. I might be incredibly attracted to angry, drunk Sydney Chambers. And Antiques Roadshow was so good last night.

    • I need to get caught up on Grantchester! And Call The Midwife is such a good show, but the ultra-realistic/depressing portrayals of childbirth and motherhood are seriously traumatizing.

      • flanny says:

        All the storylines are so cheesy! I mainly watch because of the prominent casting of multiple mousy brunettes.

  5. martinmegz says:

    I’m so over The 100. Nothing brings me as much joy as The New Girl right now, even though I didn’t care for the bachelor party episode last week. New Girl is strongest in characters and dialogue, but sometimes the plot gets so idiotic that it’s tough to go along with it. I also really love Madame Secretary; as the sole viewer under age 65, I have to say that you guys are missing out!

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