It’s Project Club Time!

I had mixed results this week (here’s the link to last week’s post). I didn’t finish my outline but I did get a bunch of writing done, which evens out, but I actually accumulated MORE cardboard boxes, so, whoops.

This week, besides my usual (writing, working out at least once) I need to get and send my mom her Mother’s Day gift, free myself from my cardboard prison, and visit my nemesis, the bank, because I need quarters for my other nemesis, laundry.

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  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Yikes, I did not accomplish any of my intended goals this week. I did get most of my freelance project turned in, but it took more time than I anticipated, so I’m still working on the last few pages of the first draft.

    I’ve been so busy with work, so for the next few days, any goals outside of work will be lazy and/or entertaining because I need some me time:
    -Finish watching last week’s episode of Project Runway
    -Try to go to bed earlier
    -Exercise? It’s been so long since I have worked out, but I’m thinking it’s time to start again.

    I should also get to the eye doctor because I have new glasses waiting for me.

  2. Sota says:

    My two goals from last week:
    1. Update my resume/cover letters.
    2. Begin applying to jobs

    I did pretty good. Resume and letters are updated. I have applied to only 1 job so far. My goal on Tues night was to apply to 5 jobs. I only got 1 one. It takes so long to apply to things now that every single company and website makes you fill out some special form in a special way instead of just wanting to read your resume.

    New goals: Apply to 5 more jobs.

    • It always seems like it’s easy to apply to a bunch of jobs at once, but then you have to tailor your cover letter. And read through their website. And upload things weirdly.

      Also, I used inDesign to make my resume (it’s pretty!) but that means anytime you upload to those websites that pull your info to put in your system, it’s all wrong. Such a pain.

      I think a 1-2 a day is reasonable when you’re working full time.

    • hotspur says:

      Maybe just mail a paper resume and cover letter and they might think, “This is just the kind of out-of-the-box thinking we are looking for! Holy way to paradigm-shift! HIRE THIS KID BEFORE GOOGLE DOES!”

      • Sota says:

        It really is not a terrible idea. Maybe I can bribe them by sending something random that they are excited to open. HMMM. You may be on to something here…

        • hotspur says:

          It might be a terrible idea!

          (One girl we interviewed sent everyone she met that day a fancy card with a long handwritten note inside. Even the receptionist got one. It did not have the intended effect, but then, maybe we are assholes.*)

          *Haha, “maybe.”

  3. hotspur says:

    My goal was to post the next movie review. I set aside last night to do it and then totally failed. I ended up reading articles about politics (turns out there’s nothing weird going on in the U.S., you guys, don’t worry) and didn’t make coffee, so I fell asleep by 9:00 with zero achievements.

  4. I haven’t done this in a while! My print deadline is due in two weeks, so my goal is to just make progress this week and finish next week! Here’s hoping I can do it!

  5. flanny says:

    I had decided to read a chapter every day, but I am reading Mrs. Dalloway and there aren’t chapters in that. But I have read almost every single day, so I count it as a win.

    I had to factory restart my phone last night, and as of right now I have phone numbers in there connected with texts and calls, but no names connected with those numbers. So my goal this week is to either figure out where in “the cloud” my contacts are or do some sleuthery and figure out through my text history who is who.

    • I have been trying to read more as well…except I keep reading before bed and getting sucked in. Was up until 12:30 finishing a book last night, whoops.

  6. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Guys. I got so much done this week!
    I started (and finished!) my mother’s 60th birthday album. I feel a little ashamed that it’s almost a year late and really only pictures in pages (no stickers and ‘journaling’ and themed pages like the Michael’s scrapbook section wants me to do…), but it’s still really pretty in its simplicity. Also it’s pictures from my mom’s whole life and I was limited by what people gave me, so it’s not comprehensive at all and also I was trying to do it chronologically, but unfortunately all I had to go by at times was my mom’s hairdo, so it’s pretty loosely chronological. (Also I put her wedding photo after her college graduation photo because I forgot she got married first! whoops!)
    I got an awesome mothers day gift that I will hand deliver with the album (and a bonus gift for both parents – a framed month-by-month series of baby pictures with her 1 year photo in the middle!) next weekend!
    I started and finished the banner for my cousin’s graduation party. I got her a present and will wrap it up once it arrives. Also have to decide how much cash to add.
    I got all of my stuff put away in my amazing new closet. It’s seriously the most awesome thing. My project for next week is to put all of my jewelry away (I was waiting for jewelry tray inserts to arrive from amazon). Mr. Truck took all the stuff to Goodwill! Begone, clothes I don’t wear anymore!
    I have lost 27 lbs. and am doing pretty well at working out most days (I give myself permission to skip one week day). I’m buying a new dress this weekend to wear to my cousin’s graduation (I have two graduations and one graduation party in the same weekend…it’s going to be chaos).
    Projects for next week: graduation outfits (3), make it through a 9pm flight with the kid (by myself!), survive a 4 day weekend with my family in all their graduation anxiety chaos (only use the “oh no, my kid is being fussy, I’ll have to go into another room by myself” once per every…hour? is that too often?)

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      Also! I thought I was so ahead of everything and then it turns out this week is “Teacher Appreciation Week” at our daycare (they sent an email Friday and I only really read it Monday) and they expected us to bring a different gift for the teachers every day this week. So I’m just getting them one gift which I’m giving them tomorrow (ran an errand at lunch today to get goodies for a gift for them) and that’ll have to do. Also gonna write a nice thank you note (on ladybug cards)(my kid’s name is June, we call her Junebug).

      • Sota says:

        You are so on top of things! I am amazed.

        Ps. Isn’t requesting a gift every day kind of presumptious? I love teachers as much as everyone else, but that seems like a lot of gifts!

      • martinmegz says:

        Hold on. A daycare is celebrating teacher appreciation week? And they instructed you to bring in gifts every day of the week? I don’t like any part of this.

        • collin0truckasaurus says:

          I agree…I appreciate them very much and I’m guessing it was all sort of “suggested gifts”, but still…we pay them a bunch to take care of our kids and if the teachers don’t feel appreciated, that’s up to the center to pay them adequately, right? But all that said, I don’t want them to think I don’t appreciate them and also don’t want them to ignore my kid when she’s upset because I was too busy/cheap to get them anything. I think this is a good midpoint.

        • Sota says:

          I completely understand where you are coming from with your thought process…but the idea that they may ignore your baby because you didn’t bring gifts makes me want to punch someone.

        • Eh, I hate that they are basically forcefully asking for gifts, but I don’t mind that a daycare is celebrating Teacher Appreciation day. My friend works at a day care in the toddler room and they still have to come up with lesson plans and track developmental progress. It’s actually a lot of work, not just watching the kids. She does say that most of her day is saying “don’t do that” or “no” to the kids, but she definitely still has to think like a teacher and is trained as one (she’s currently trying to teach elementary school).

          But yeah, the whole instructions thing is just dumb.

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