Homeless Monsters Tournament of Hotties: Foxy Four Part Two

Part One of this round is currently very hotly contested! Will this matchup between the victors of the Other Non-North American Foxes and Miscellaneous Studs divisions be the same? Let’s find out!


Ewan McGregor (2) vs. Jake Johnson (1)

Even though you’re kind of old now
We still want to hit it
An army of thousands could
Never kill our love


Jesus wept
At the sight of his face
Knowing no creation of his Father’s could
Ever improve upon such perfection


Voting will close on Monday at 11PM ET!


About catweazle

Catweazle is an 11th century wizard trying to make his way through the modern world while living in a disused water tower with his pet toad.
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13 Responses to Homeless Monsters Tournament of Hotties: Foxy Four Part Two

  1. flanny says:

    Even if I didn’t like Jake better, I would have voted for him because of that poem. It’s beautiful, like Jake’s face.

  2. Sota says:

    Don’t forget this… ❤

  3. hotspur says:

    I’m sticking with my Trainspotting plan, although I suspect here is where it derails.

  4. martinmegz says:

    Jake Johnson offers us so much wisdom and he truly understands science

  5. summerestherson says:

    This is truly difficult, however I’ve loved Ewan for a lot longer than Jake so I had to go with him. This hoe IS loyal.

  6. mikaelajm says:

    This one is close!

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