So, How Was Your Day?

Mine was business as usual–work, errands, home, blah. I need to spice things up a little. I did buy ice cream, which is obviously important, but that’s about it.

How is it JUNE already, though? That is terrifying.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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45 Responses to So, How Was Your Day?

  1. flanny says:

    Normal day until I came back to the basement after lunch and thought I saw the heel of someone walking into the room adjacent my office. I thought it must have been one of my coworkers going in there for the printer or water cooler, but when I looked there was no one in there. So I was either hallucinating, or it was a mouse or a ghost. I am now scared to go in there AND scared to put my feet on the floor.

  2. catweazle says:

    This feels like the longest week ever. Knowing that I have all of next week off is making the time crawl I think. I am very annoyed because I haven’t been able to do laundry yet this week. Normally I do it Monday but the laundry room is always hoppin’ on holidays and then yesterday after work both machines were being used, thwarting my plans. And I had gone to the bank on my lunch break to get quarters and everything! Geez! So I’ll have to do it tonight.

    Also I am having one of those days where people are constantly bumping into and/or standing way too close to me which is nightmarish and I hate it. I KNOW MY HAIR SMELLS LIKE COCONUT BUT KEEP A PROPER DISTANCE, PEOPLE OF EARTH!

  3. I spent all morning struggling with a presentation that my colleague eventually took from me to work on. I feel like I failed a little. I guess it happens, but it sucks.

    Also, did I tell you guys I’m going to Paris for work? It looks like I’ll have a day or two off to explore. I’ve only been to Paris once and it was mostly an escorted school trip, so I’ll be exploring on my own. It’s the only silver lining of this terrible project.

  4. Sota says:

    My workday is alright. I haven’t heard from my boss at all today…which is actually kind of terrifying. In my downtime I have started down the rabbit hole of looking at house rentals on craigslist for me and my man. It is really a bit soon to traverse down this path, and yet its like a mini addiction…once you start craigslisting you cant stop!! Other than that, I had an oatmeal creme pie for dessert after my lunch, so I am happy.

    • flanny says:

      Girl I feel you. When I was planning on moving back to MI, every time I had a job interview the first thing I’d do was go on Craigslist and look at apartments and fantasize.

      • flanny says:

        Now you’ve got me looking at Craigslist apartments for the city where I currently live. I’m not planning on moving!! It really is addicting!

    • old man fatima says:

      Oh god, just don’t start looking at houses. That’s how I ended up getting house fever and buying two houses that I deeply regret in rapid succession.

      • Sota says:

        Yes. Oh man, I am so NOT ready to buy a house. That is for sure. I think we will definitely want to rent for at least a year. We will both have job transitions upcoming and therefore not want to commit to a long-term location until we know what our possible commutes will be.

  5. collin0truckasaurus says:

    My day has been pretty good. I went to lunch with a friend and got some more info about the job I applied to last week – I emailed the hiring manager directly, eek!

  6. nastyemu says:

    I got to work at 6:30 this morning so I could finish getting everything ready for a conference some higher ups are attending tomorrow and Friday. That turned out to be a waste of time because my co-worker didn’t do his part of the prep. So now I’m tired and angry and just want to get this done so I can go home and nap.

  7. artdorkgirl says:

    I finally wrote my Tourism for Weirdos piece on archives that I’ve been promising since forever. So I feel pretty accomplished. I’m also waiting for the people from the archive in Worcester to email me back so I can figure out what my schedule for next month is going to be. I did get some of my research organized into a binder, and I’m one book away from being able to write my syllabus and order books for my class this fall.

    Wednesdays, am I right?

  8. FRQ says:

    I spent the morning having my car repaired. As I drove back to my office, only to start nodding off. I then realized that my apartment is on the way to work from the mechanic, and made the stellar decision to stop home and take a nap. It was a smart move. I figured I’d need all the rest I could get for my active evening of going to a BBQ restaurant.

  9. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Last night, I saw Louis CK, and he was great!

    Today is pretty standard – work, doctor, errands, work, laundry, etc.

    I’ve been really slacking on some work projects, so hopefully I can snap out of it, and be more productive for the rest of the week.

    • Commentatrix says:

      I almost got tix to Louis but I’ve seen him twice already so this time I feel like I can just safely wait until the next special comes out on whatever platform. But I do kinda regret not buying the tix. But I am unemployed so. But it’s only 50 bux…

  10. old man fatima says:

    My work is just wall to wall bastards right now. A bunch of people were making fun of an old widow we’re foreclosing on because she talks like a yokel. This lady’s husband died and her house was trashed by her tenants and she spent her retirement savings replacing the plumbing and wiring and flooring that was stolen and now we’re taking it away from her even though she’s not even a day late on payments because there is a clause in the mortgage that says we can foreclose if we suspect the value of the property has decreased, and everyone’s like “lol she used the wrong term for this obscure legal clause, what a doofus lolololol.” Fuck every last one of them, if I could afford it I would just walk out. I’m applying to every job tonight, even the dumb ones. I just can’t take peoples’ houses away any more! I have human emotions, it’s not in me to make fun of old widows during their time of crisis. I’m going to drink booze and then drunk apply to jobs.

    • Sota says:

      I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. You definitely need to run for the hills.

    • Simon Spidermonk says:

      Yikes. Stuff like this makes me wish I believed in hell. But on the bright side, Wall To Wall Bastards is a pretty great name for a band.

    • hotspur says:

      This is crazy. Why would they take her house if she never missed a payment?? Why would they WANT it if it’s dropped in value?

      Tenants are the worst. (I’m a tenant, I’m the best, I mean other ones.) My landlord showed me a unit the day after these lunatics moved out and they fucked up THE STOVE. Like, they used the top section between burners as a cutting board, it seemed? But they’d cut right through the metal. There were all these slices and gouges clean through the metal top of the stove. Why would someone do that?

      I feel terrible for the old lady. It makes me want to burn those people down. Tenants and foreclosers. God I hope I never am in that lady’s spot.

      • old man fatima says:

        She’s had this place for 20+ years and it’s almost paid off, so even though the value has dropped it’s still worth more than what’s left on the mortgage. That’s why the bank wants to take it. She left an angry message saying she was going to seek representation and they were like “lol maybe she should hire someone to read her mortgage clauses to her instead lololol.” Ugh, jump off a bridge all of youuuuuuuuuuu.

        • hotspur says:

          All they have to do is not be dicks to a lady who will probably die soon. That is literally all they have to do. It won’t cost them a cent. Oh my God.

        • flanny says:

          I wish I could go blabber out a bunch of jargon at them and then laugh at them when they didn’t understand AND THEN STEAL THEIR HOUSE. And then convince their cat to like me more than them AND THEN STEAL THEIR CAT.

        • old man fatima says:

          Flaniel, these people don’t have enough love in their hearts to own a cat. Maybe you can win the love of the fancy orchids or expensive designer bookshelves they keep in their offices instead?

        • flanny says:

          To win the love on inanimate objects is certainly a challenge, but I’m in it for the long con. Can you poison the orchids before you leave?

        • Martinmegs says:

          Forget the orchids, poison THEM!

      • old man fatima says:

        It’s so awful. You jerks can’t put yourselves in her shoes for 2 seconds?? Her husband died fairly recently, she has fibromyalgia, she had to rent out the home she shared with her husband for 20 years to make ends meet because she is on a pension, and then her renters literally tore it to pieces. They tore the ceiling, floors, walls apart to get to the copper pipes and wires and didn’t shut off the water before ripping out the pipes so the place flooded. She had to blow through all of her savings getting the house back to a habitable state, and now that she’s totally broke and the house has plumbing and wiring, the bank is going to take it from her and leave her homeless and penniless with just a govt pension for support, and these people can’t even pretend to have a little empathy about it. It’s so upsetting that this job even exists, let alone that I’m the one doing it.

        • hotspur says:

          How much money does she need? Can we stage a talent show to save the rec center?

        • old man fatima says:

          I would love to dance battle this woman back into her house, but I’m breaking a zillion confidentiality clauses just talking about it in general terms. Banks and lawyers don’t like people knowing that they’re all nightmare monsters.

    • Commentatrix says:

      Oh my fucking shit what nightmare people!

  11. Martinmegs says:

    I posted my day in the wrong thread but now I’m back in Paris at an airport hotel, looking forward to going home.

  12. Commentatrix says:

    I am so mad right now! I’m visiting my parents right now and it’s been a while since I’ve spent time with both of them so I forgot how fucking frustrating the entire experience is. Specifically, we wanted to grill up some meat for lunch, but my dad has no idea how to cook meat properly, so I insisted that he let me take care of it, which finally he agreed to do even though I’m a female child (unfair) who doesn’t cook much (fair). So everything went fine and nearly according to plan except my dad decided to cut into the steak way too soon before it had a chance to rest properly so literally all the juices ran out and it made me so mad! Like, he couldn’t wait 10 more minutes but also like it was my fault for not watching this stubborn man the entire time? And then when I tried telling him why that was wrong he was super dismissive of my newfangled ideas! So of course that just made me feel even more like a child angrily trying and failing to assert myself. Arrrrrggggghhhhh WHY DON’T MOM AND DAD RESPECT ME

    • old man fatima says:

      Nothing like a visit back home to make you feel like a frustrated child again!

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