How Was Your Weekend?

Mine felt tragically short, but it was good. I hung out with friends on Saturday and kind of wasted Sunday, but in a way that was very pleasant.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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  1. martinmegz says:

    You guys I’m back at work but my body has no idea what time it is. I went to bed at 6a and got up at 9a. All weekend I thought I’d just take a one hour nap then wake up 8 hours later at like midnight. The jet lag is real.

    So I spent the weekend lounging around, watching the French Open and two of my three favorite Taylor Kitsch movies (The Bang Bang Club and Grand Seduction). I actually love all his movies, some of which I think are legitimately good (Bang Bang is fantastic) and some I just love because they show his face a lot (Battleship). What was I talking about again? I am so tired. So so so tired.

    • Sota says:

      I will tell my Taylor Kitsch story now. The first weekend I lived in NYC my friend and I went to Times Square like the shameless tourists we were. (aww the good ol days!) While in Times Square we came across Taylor Kitsch and Scott Porter filming Friday Night Lights. Remember when Jason Street went to NYC to try to become a sports agent? Well they were pretty non-descript filming, two guys with shoulder cams, and a handful of crew members/extras kind of surrounding them as they walked down the street filming. Most of the tourists didn’t really even pay attention to them, except me. Because I embarrassingly followed them super close and took a bunch of photos until the production crew yelled at me for repeatedly getting in the shot. LOL. I am much better at playing it cool now guys, I promise.

  2. flanny says:

    Totally chill weekend. I did some cleaning and some writing sort of. Yesterday I played Sims and watched weird Sunday afternoon sports, which included the college rugby championships and the men’s gymnastics championships. In other news, my Sim is a star employee in the body building career field.
    Also, my first and third favorite member of One Direction played against each other in a charity soccer match yesterday and the pictures that made it across the pond are adorable.


  3. collin0truckasaurus says:

    My weekend was really outstanding! Friday night we made some delicious drinks and drank them (as promised!) and then Saturday we hung out in the morning and then took the kid to grandma and grandpa’s house so we could go have dinner and see a movie! (Popstar – it was pretty funny!) Then Sunday we went to the grocery store and then just hung out the rest of the day including some outdoor time with bubbles and watching The VVitch! It was so great! Now I am back at work and it’s 3pm and my boss left at 2:30 and I have nothing else to do and I’m so tired and want to be home with my family who is awesome!

  4. Sota says:

    My weekend went well. I did a lot of going out to eat, but I still managed to spend most of saturday afternoon and evening lounging around doing nothing. I am happy about that. Also my beau and I have been making some more plans for the future, aka the big move. So we are working towards that slowly but surely. I am pretty excited about it. As always I wish that I had one ore 17 more days in every weekend.

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      Damn that’s exciting!

    • old man fatima says:

      I think you’ve said this, but are you moving to him or is he moving to you or are you moving somewhere new together?

      • Sota says:

        The current plan, which has no defined timeline, is that he is going to move to me. I have a lead on a really nice apartment available in july that he could rent month to month without a lease, which is why we are having more defined conversations about this right now. He would likely live there for a few months while he job searches here, gets settled etc, then he will get a new place, somewhere with a backyard for his dog, and I would join him soon after that.

        • old man fatima says:

          Tell me more about this dog.

        • Sota says:

          Its a little fluffball that was a stray in his neighborhood about 4 years ago that he then adopted. The dog IS his baby. They just gaze at each other like two suckers. Its actually quite adorable and ridiculous. When I went to his place and met the whole family and everyone, the dog was my biggest critic! The dog was like…ummm why are you here stealing all my attention??? The second visit to his house the dog was warming up to me. I was an appropriate lap to sit on and good for belly scratching but only if my BF wasn’t around. LOL. I have plans to fill my pockets with treats next time and solidify our friendship.

        • Martinmegs says:

          Show the dog your Tim Riggins pictures

        • Sota says:

          Martinmegs, I legitimately laughed out loud. I will try that for sure. 🙂

  5. I drank a lot on Saturday (thanks, catweazle!) and stayed out very late. It was fun, but I hurt yesterday. I am no longer a spry young whippersnapper.

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      I’m old enough that a bad hangover is not worth the fun of drinking a ton.

    • catweazle says:

      I am so proud of myself because I managed to not get too drunk on Saturday! I hope your karaoke party one block away from my karaoke party was fun!

      • It was very good! A bunch of us did “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which I thought was a shortened version but my coworker said this morning was not. Alcohol does wondrous things with time.

        Also, I swear I biked past your karaoke place like three times and kept getting confused, plus there were some sketch people in the area so I felt weird trying to park my bike there.

  6. old man fatima says:

    It was good, but it made me feel very very old. I had a bachelorette to go to on Saturday, but Saturday afternoon we went to Fatiman’s nephew’s baptism, got drunk, and called it a night. It was a Greek baptism, so like 8 hours of funeral dirges and incense, but then heaps and heaps of food and drink. I had two beers and a whiskey at like 2 pm and had to call it in. What am I?? I texted the bride-to-be “sorry, at an open bar baptism. too drunk to party” AND IT WAS TRUE. Teenage Fatima would be so disappointed.

  7. artdorkgirl says:

    We went to the beach for the first time this year! It was foggy and cloudy for most of the day, so there weren’t a bunch of people there, and by about 3 the sun came out and it was great. We left just as this mass of hippies descended on the place. Oddly, a bunch of bikers showed up around the same time. I’m sure after an evening of imbibing, those groups got on well.

    I started my fellowship today AND I had an amazing grilled cheese sandwich for lunch! WHOO!

  8. catweazle says:

    My birthday party was very fun and you should all be jealous of neverabadidea because she got to meet all my weird friends and you didn’t. We ended up closing out the private room karaoke place which I didn’t really want to do because I am a grandma and need my beauty sleep but my older sister rarely gets to go out on the town because of the baby and she wanted to stay and also she was being a funny drunk so I stuck with it. I AM SO GENEROUS! But then I ended up not getting to go to sleep until 4 so yesterday I managed a couple of hours of being awake before taking a six hour nap. Luckily I have this entire week to try to coax my body back onto a normal sleep schedule!

    • I liked your weird friends, they were hilarious. And I liked the concoction of red wine and Squirt, surprisingly good (and probably the cause of my hangover).

  9. FRQ says:

    I had a pretty good weekend. I just got back from a short family vacation in the Florida Keys, where I sat by the pool and feasted on delicious resort food before going on this stupid diet I have to start tomorrow for my stomach problems. I also successfully updated my dad’s computer to Windows 10, so now he can stop bugging me about that damn update reminder (and start bugging me for tech support).

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