How Was Your Weekend?

As the tire fire that is America burns on, tell me what you got up to this weekend, especially any nice things that happened. I read some good books and worked out and did a bunch of chores so I don’t have to do them during the week and bought an obscene amount of fancy snacks at Trader Joe’s. I really shouldn’t go grocery shopping before I’ve had breakfast.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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55 Responses to How Was Your Weekend?

  1. Kate says:

    What a great Tony Awards that was. It was a joy to see a whole song from Hamilton. Makes me sad I’ll never get tickets, but I am listening to the soundtrack right this very moment! I was proud to see Steven Karem win for his play The Humans. Steven grew up on North Washington Ave. in Scranton. Same street as VP Biden, Governor Casey, Senator Casey, Mayor Doherty and ….me :/
    But we do have tickets to see the Humans in a couple of weeks! I hear they make references to Scranton!

  2. flanny says:

    It was lovely out all weekend, which helped make this weekend a good one! I went for a run early on Saturday before it got too hot, and then both Friday and Saturday mornings I wrote for 3-4 hours. Delightful. Sunday morning I was not particularly in the mood to write, but then I watched the Tonys as I detailed above. I actually have an old coworker whose sister was in Spring Awakening and one of my friend’s old roommates was nominated for Eclipsed. So that was sort of exciting!

  3. FRQ says:

    It was pretty good! Friday night I went to a classic video game expo and played a bunch of old video games and pinball machines (by “old” I mean as recent as 10 years ago). Saturday I attended a one man show held during this city’s fringe festival. It was weird as fuck, but I respect it. Sunday I had brunch with friends, then went to see Warcraft. The bottom line is that if you’ve never played any of those games, don’t bother. I’m glad I didn’t pay anything to see it.

    Speaking of fun stuff, I also started packing for my trip to Chicago next weekend, so hopefully I can meet a bunch of you while I’m in town. My schedule is pretty flexible, so I’m up for pretty much whatever you guys normally do.

    • catweazle says:

      Let’s make plans, Chicago people! Flanny and Sota, were you thinking of coming down for this meetup? I’m free on Friday evening but busy all day Saturday.

      Mordonez, your class is playing with ours on Saturday evening, right?

    • I’m pretty open for things. I should probably show up for the art show I have a piece in on Friday, but I figure I can just duck into that for half a second and then either meet up or rejoin (if Flanny and I start early). The rest of the weekend is thusfar not booked.

    • old man fatima says:

      The Warcraft trailer looks like a joke. The dude ogres (I don’t know) are CGI, but the lady is just a hot chick painted green? What decade is this?

  4. catweazle says:

    I got to spend an afternoon with the baby which was lovely. He can do so many things now! He’s graduated from waving by opening and closing his fingers to actually jerking his hand up and down, and I’m halfway through teaching him to do a thumbs up. It was a challenge at first because he kept trying to fist bump me instead.

    I also went to Drag Race Battle of the Seasons and there were like three different people who were supposed to go with me but none of them did so I sat in between two strangers in a huge packed theater with no air conditioning (it was 90 degrees outside) which was not especially pleasant. It was still fun though! Sharon Needles did a Bowie tribute that was also dedicated to her recently deceased cat 😥

  5. Sota says:

    In the only speaking of happy things category, I had a wonderful weekend with my man. We are so happy when we are together, we just have to find a way to not live the highs and lows of the airport pickup and drop offs. We went to an art festival, went out on a boat ride, looked at an apartment (eeee!) and bbq’d in the backyard with my parents, and took out the canoes on the lake. So much fun. Cannot wait until the 4th of July when we will get to be together for a whole week.

  6. I saw Florence (<3 so much), watched Juno for the first time in years (cried, as always), and ate from a bunch of food trucks (pierogis!).

    The date on Friday went well. Really, well, I think. We ended up sitting outside in a park and he did not murder me, which is good. Except I texted him yesterday about possibly doing something and it took him a full 24 hours to respond. He said he has a lot going on this week. So I think I'm going to assume he's trying to politely blow me off. Which sucks, because he seemed very into me on Friday, but apparently changed his mind. DATING, AMIRIGHT?

  7. martinmegz says:

    I went to a party on Saturday that sucked. These people used to throw total ragers but now they have a kid so suddenly they have this new group of friends with kids and it is not that much fun to be at a party with tiny humans if you are single and childless. I didn’t get dressed up and leave the house to dodge toddlers.

    Yesterday out of the blue I got a Facebook message from my family in Italy! I met them once about 18 years ago when I visited my great-grandmother’s hometown in southern Italy. Since I was just in Italy about a week ago and am currently ready a book about a guy who moves to Italy to start a new life, I think the universe is trying to tell me something. Or I’m trying to tell the universe something. Unfortunately, the only way I could ever marry an Italian guy would be if I were the last woman on earth, because they be dogs. So I can’t even dream about getting married and moving there (or vice versa). Maybe the universe is just telling me to eat more pasta and never marry anyone.

    • Sota says:

      There was one time a couple summers ago where I was at a BBQ with all my friends who have kids…and it was like mass chaos of children. I looked around and was genuinely a little afraid because there were at least 3 children to every adult. If those kids had rallied and revolted, the adults wouldn’t have had a chance.

      • martinmegz says:

        Sometimes I see people with more than two kids and think, why would you want to be outnumbered? Then I think that I am probably very far from understanding adult life.

    • mikaelajm says:

      “it is not that much fun to be at a party with tiny humans if you are single and childless. I didn’t get dressed up and leave the house to dodge toddlers.” — can I slap this on a bumper sticker?

  8. hotspur says:

    I set aside time to work on my next movie review, but then I used that time to watch Ex Machina. NO REGRETS: Holy crap you guys, what a great movie! Easily one of the best science fiction movies I’ve ever seen, plus for you ladies it has Handsome Man Champion Oscar Isaac and for us gents there’s two pretty girls, too. One of them might even be competing in the Hot Ladies bracket, not sure, but even if not, she’s pretty and this movie is good. Plus it had this really unlikely but spectacular giffable moment in it, which has been giffed here before:

    In other news I worked all day Sunday at the jobby job and charged my Nike watch, in preparation to maybe run for the first time in 3+ months. At some point.

    • I want to see it, but I am also terrified.

      The director’s next film is going to be Annihilation, which is based on a wonderful book by Jeff Van der Meer. It will also have Oscar Isaac and will also be terrifying, because the book is.

    • Kate says:

      Admittedly I’m a sci fi junky so I’m biased, but Ex Machina was really great.

    • old man fatima says:

      I had really mixed feelings about it! SPOILERS: I definitely get that it’s probably making a feminist statement about the tech industry, but there is no way for me not to be deeply upset about all the women being sex-bots some dude created because, I assume, actually talking to girls was too hard? And blondie (I don’t know his name) also falls in love with a lady bot created in a lab solely to be appealing to dudes? It’s a movie FULL of women, with no actual women characters! It’s very problematic! The ending was phenomenal, though.

    • gnidrah says:

      Brag on behalf of other people – my friend’s husband won an Oscar for Ex Machina!

  9. GUYS the new person finally moved in below me. He seems nice, but will he turn out to be a loud weirdo? TIME WILL TELL. (He was totally quiet last night, except for the expected moving-in noises. I’m just a ridiculous person with hypersensitive hearing who panics at the thought of losing even the tiniest amount of sleep.)

    • I felt so bad because I was getting pissed at my downstairs neighbor’s dog, who seemed to be barking so much more. I had never been able to here him in my bedroom, but now I can. Turns out, it’s a dog next door. My poor neighbor was like “everyone thinks it’s my dog but it’s not!” Those jerks next door need to do something about their dog.

      Neighbor relations are hard.

      • They are hard! And for all my whining, I’m probably going to be the one who’s waking this guy up every morning because I have to leave for work at a quarter to seven and our garage doors are really loud (the garage is right under his bedroom).

    • old man fatima says:

      When we were moving in, we were trying to figure out if there were actual basement apts below us, or just storage rooms. One day, Fatiman saw a cat in the window and took a picture to show me that, yup, we have downstairs neighbours. Literally by the time he had finished texting me the cat photo, the lady in the basement apt had put a sign up in the window that read “don’t take pictures in my apartment you fucking creep.” Which is definitely fair enough!! And then later that day, a friend came over for drinks. I told her to come to the back door because it’s closer to where she was coming from by about 10 feet and every second counts when drinks are on the line! Anyway, that same basement apt has a door leading directly outside, and the downstairs lady was leaving at the same time as my friend was arriving and my friend, assuming it was the door to the whole building, tried to squeak by her as she was leaving her apt and she FLIPPED OUT. Again, completely understandable! We have been planning to bake her something as an apology but we keep forgetting. Sorry it looks like we’re casing your apartment, lady! I promise it’s all a hilarious series of misunderstandings! Also, there is a lady with a huge German Shepherd who lives in the basement and we basically stalked her so we could “bump into” her and apologize, and it turns out it’s not the same lady. We are just 0 for 2 on basement neighbours. We’re the creepiest people in the building, every time I go into the laundry room I expect to see warnings about us.

      • martinmegz says:

        I wish I could find the basement lady’s blog that she shares with friends, I bet she has a lot to say about you and Fatiman. This story is so funny. Imagine you’re just living your life then all of a sudden people are photographing and trying to walk into your apartment. This reminds me of stories that come up sometimes when people get into a random car thinking it’s an uber, and the driver thinks someone is carjacking him.

        • old man fatima says:

          Yes! This poor lady. It’s like when people get themselves into ridiculous jams in sitcoms and you’re like “be realistic.”

  10. Sota says:

    Today I remembered to add money to my bus card BEFORE it ran out. Its things like this that make me feel like I really do have a chance at succeeding at being an adult.

  11. artdorkgirl says:

    Week two of the fellowship got off to a great start because they paid me today. WHOO!!

    My weekend was pretty quiet, mostly because it never got above 60 all weekend. I made schnitzel and mashed potatoes (the whitest food combo possible) and I too went to Trader Joe’s on an empty stomach and bought fancy snacks.

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