That’s MY Garbage, You Son Of A Bitch

Find another dumpster to sleep in, jerk.

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8 Responses to That’s MY Garbage, You Son Of A Bitch

  1. flanny says:

    There’s a raccoon who likes to hang out in the dumpster in front of my building. one of my neighbors is obsessed with it, though, and I swear he sits outside his apartment and waits for the raccoon to show up so he can yell at him and bang the dumpster doors to scare him. Which is, some might argue (I do argue), more annoying than having a raccoon around.

  2. That’s pretty much the opposite of how I would react if there was a bear in my garbage.

  3. Sota says:

    I love how he talks to the bear like they do this everyday. Like come on Lyle, you just can’t keep sleeping on the job, you know Im gonna have to tell the boss about this AGAIN!

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