Tournament of Hotties: Ladies’ Edition First Round Voting Part 5

Continuing on with the second half of the first round…

Emilia Clarke (1) vs. Anna Chlumsky (16)

This may sound biased, but Emilia has the best smile/laugh in this tournament.

Anna is delight, and I’m sure she would have some very mean things to say to me if she found out I put her up against Khaleesi.


Rihanna (8) vs. Anna Kendrick (9)

Of all the image searches I’ve done for this tournament, I think Rihanna is the one that is most likely to get me in trouble at work.

Anna is a mouse that was turned into an adorable human woman.


Jessica Chastain (5) vs. Lucy Liu (12)

I was tempted to put Bryce Dallas Howard in this tournament just so we could have doppelgangers facing off like in the men’s tournament.

Of all the seemingly ageless women out there, Lucy is the agelessiest.  I’ve had a crush on her since Ally McBeal, approximately 50 years ago.


Kerry Washington (4) vs. Liza Weil (13)

I’m glad Kerry has a hit show, I just wish it wasn’t Scandal.  She deserves better than the bad guy from Ghost.

When discussing which hotties were going to make the tournament, hotspur said he “didn’t get” Liza.  My explanation was that she has a “sexually aggressive republican” vibe that I find irresistible. I stand by that.


Polls close Sunday at 11pm.



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15 Responses to Tournament of Hotties: Ladies’ Edition First Round Voting Part 5

  1. flanny says:

    I’m always Team Kendrick now because when she first appeared on screen in Twilight and delivered the famous line, “I’m Jessica, by the way,” I laughed soooo haaaaard because I thought she was a terrible actress who was going nowhere. Now I know it was the writing that was terrible and Anna is literally one of the best. Sorry for judging you for being in shit, lady! You’ve got my vote for the rest of your life. Unless you murder someone!

  2. catweazle says:

    Y’all are high if you think Jessica Chastain is hotter than Lucy Liu!

  3. hotspur says:

    Jessica Chastain, boom, done, voted! Lucy Liu is amazing and would have beaten most other people, but she’s a mere human being whereas Jessica Chastain might not be.

    Kerry Washington. Also easy. (I appreciate your explanation of the Liza Appeal, nastyemu.)

    Rihanna vs Anna, hmm. I hate the song about the umbrella, which my neighbor played all day on repeat one day, but on the other hand, I feel like I already voted for Anna when I voted for Alex Morgan. However, flanny’s comment made me Google up scenes from Twlight, and rewatching through the lens of “is she very funny” instead of through the lens of “how awful this movie is,” I am moved. Anna wins! Funny is hotter than actually hot. (Sometimes.)

    Emilia vs Other Anna… I… I can’t do this. You break my heart, contest. I will decide later.

  4. collin0truckasaurus says:

  5. nastyemu says:

    This post has been up for hours and there’s not one Paris gif. I am disappointed in all of you.

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