How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was excellent! I was in an unusually productive mood and got a ton of stuff done–cleaning, cooking, laundry, and a bunch of writing–and still had time leftover for fun stuff, like watching Bojack Horseman season 3 (which, ok, “fun” might not be the best word to use there, considering how heavy that show gets, but this season was excellent) and reading and podcast-listening. A+ weekend all around.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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47 Responses to How Was Your Weekend?

  1. martinmegs says:

    Hi everyone, I still can’t get onto my work computer where all my logins are stored so I’m stuck in this profile limbo. My weekend was boring. I tried to get up for the early showing of Star Trek both days but failed to wake up. I don’t like going to movies when other people are there so I guess I’ll wait a few weeks. Has anyone seen it? How does it compare to the previous installments?

    What I wanted to make a post about but can’t without my stupid login info is this: What should I be eating? I never know what to eat! I want healthy options for bringing my lunch to work and low-effort dinners.

    If you have any health and easy meals will you please share the recipes with me? I really need help, I am so sick of figuring out what to eat and I am clearly failing at these decisions.

    • Sota says:

      Many times I will grill chicken for dinner, and use the leftovers to make chicken tacos for lunch the next day. It’s not revolutionary, but if you add some lettuce, peppers, avocado and salsa to it and skip adding any rice, its very good for you.

    • catweazle says:

      I really enjoyed the new Star Trek. Much better than the last one! There’s a new lady good guy who doesn’t get Alice Eve’d and some very cool visual effects (this is not something I normally give a shit about, but there’s like a space station that looks so cool!). The story isn’t as Kirk/Spock-centric as the previous two which is nice because some of the other crew members get more time (though unfortunately not Uhura for some reason). Perhaps because he wrote the script, Scotty is a lot more integral.

    • flanny says:

      I’ve been on an Israeli couscous kick lately. I make a whole bunch and then kind of just dump stuff in it to make a salad. It’s good warm or cold and is a good way to make a salad hearty and avoid wilted lettuce in pre-packed lunches.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      Mr. Costco made this, and it was amazing. I prepared it the second night we ate it, so if I can do it, it must be easy because my skills in the kitchen mostly consist of cooking frozen pizza and toasting frozen waffles.

      Plus, I assume you could customize this recipe – top it with meat or cheese or whatever you like.

  2. Sota says:

    I am a little stressed out guys. Long distance relationships are a BEYOTCH. Basically we are having the conversation of which one of us moves, or do both of us move to a new location? It’s feeling very daunting, but the amount of money we are spending on plane tickets is basically the cost of rent at this point, so something needs to change. It’s just not easy. Plus its a busy workday monday which is so annoying. I just want to wallow and look up possible cities we could move to.

    • flanny says:

      Both of you should move to my apartment complex.

      • martinmegs says:

        Hey give us the report on New Orleans, please! What did you see and eat and do?

        • flanny says:

          Oh, it was a lot of fun! I stayed in the Hyatt Regency, which you may remember from Katrina. (I had to walk past a giant window overlooking the Superdome on my way to my room and, as someone who only really associates that building with Katrina, it was so so weird and jarring.) My first night I met up with some ladies from the conference and we went to Willa Jean’s where I ate a salad simply because it had burratta cheese on it and it was delicious. The next morning we went to Cafe Du Monde and then strolled around Jackson Square. That night we went to Mulate’s for fried catfish, and it was delicious and there was fun music and nerdy teens learning to dance. The next night we went to Red Dog Diner for dinner and had ice cream at Sucre. That night I also convinced seven people who were basically strangers to me to walk to Anne Rice’s house so I could take a picture to send to my goth-ish friend. I didn’t see any ghosts, but I drove past two above-ground cemeteries and that was enough.

      • FRQ says:

        I look forward to the hijinks that would ensue.

      • Sota says:

        That would be awesome!!!

    • martinmegs says:

      Ugh that sounds frustrating. I thought he was going to move to you? I think the move should be based on where you both can find work.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      Sorry that it’s a stressful situation. Move to Illinois. The winters are awful, but we have Portillo’s chocolate cake!

    • artdorkgirl says:

      Move to Boston! Our winters are terrible, but we have the beach!

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      Move to Atlanta! We have mild winters, great food, lots of bustling industries, Southern hospitality, a really nice botanical garden, and lots of other great draws!

  3. flanny says:

    Excellent weekend. It was muggy as balls so I spent so much of it inside in the air conditioning. I found out this weekend that literally all 9 million seasons of The Amazing Race are streaming on Amazon, so I watched one and three quarter seasons of it this weekend. It is a delight to watch reality tv that was filmed in 2003 because everyone’s clothes are horrible but you remember wearing it and loving it. For example, when are we ladies going to start wearing kerchiefs again?
    On Sunday I went in the rain to see Ghostbusters, and I really liked it! “Michael Hat” made me laugh out loud. I saw it at 11:05am at the newly remodeled movie theater at the mall, and I guess it’s been a while since I bought tickets at the theater instead of online, but is it a normal thing to buy your tickets at the concession stand?

  4. hotspur says:

    Friday I saw an old friend. We had very good tacos and a couple of smokey mezcal drinks. Saturday I cleaned parts of my apartment and saw the original Muppet Movie with Commentatrix — it was an outdoor thing where you can eat and drink wine and it was a delight. You guys should see a movie with Commentatrix if you get a chance, it’s fun. Sunday I was at risk of being called into work, and I promised myself if I didn’t have to do that, I would go see Star Trek. But I messed around all day watching movies and using the internet and doing laundry and feeling sorry for myself because I had to do laundry. I really blew it, Sunday. I had a ton of writing to do and didn’t touch it until 10 pm. Go me.

    Things watched: No Star Trek. Maybe six Veeps, Muppet Movie (1979; as Commentatrix put it, “This is very seventies”), That Guy (a documentary about Dick Miller), Ocean’s 11 for no reason, part of The Room (free on Amazon Prime, even though it won an Oscar!), Sharknado via Rifftrax, and an ancient MST3K short from the early 90s that I never saw before. I also figured out the first-ever MST3K I ever saw (Mighty Jack) and looked at mansions I can afford in Michigan (not because I’m moving; more like because I can’t afford even a shed in Los Angeles).

    • flanny says:

      You should move with Sota and her boyfriend to Michigan!

    • martinmegs says:

      Glad you had fun watching The Muppets in a cemetery! I’m in for a weekday Star Trek meet up at the Robocop theater and would certainly like to see a movie with Commentatrix! Also I want to see Jason Bourne next week.

      • hotspur says:

        Nice! I’m out of town starting tomorrow until August 9, but afterward, if we still have not seen Star Trek, let’s do that!

      • Commentatrix says:

        I already saw Star Trek, but let’s see literally anything else together! Hotspur and I already discussed a potential monster movie meetup to watch a certain early 20th Century classic straight out of his mythical DVD collection. So maybe that!

    • Commentatrix says:

      The Muppets was so fun, and I recognized 70% of the cameos, which I’m pretty happy with. What hotspur has graciously not mentioned is that my style of conversation is very, um, interrupty? So like, if literally a single thing in someone’s story reminds me of a story of my own, I will eight times out of ten proceed to tell that story right then and there. It’s so rude! I caught myself doing that a couple times on Saturday… but not right away. And this after hotspur brought a bottle of REAL (read: expensive) WINE to share with me! Shameful. In conclusion, I too recommend hotspur as a movie viewing/picnicking companion because he is generous with his wine collection and tolerant of your personality flaws, which is the literal definition of an A+ friend.

      • hotspur says:

        A+? Don’t get carried away, I was going to drink that wine anyway. But as long as you are confessing to being interrupty (you weren’t), I will confess that I am the no-followup guy. Like you say “I got a new job!” and I say “Great!” and I mean it — but also, I don’t ask what the job is. Like it literally does not occur to me to wonder until an hour later. That is surely the tip of a personality defect iceberg.

  5. catweazle says:

    Decent weekend. Saw Star Trek and went to my classes and then did nothing else of substance. My technological devices started a rebellion though. My computer got a horrible redirect virus which took a while to kill AND my phone has started shutting itself down if I try to run an app more complicated than Chrome or Gmail (although it did one time shut down when I deleted too many emails too quickly). I reset it to factory settings which didn’t work. I’ll probably try to get it repaired but it also might be time to get a new one? I don’t know. It feels soon but it’s been two and a half years which is like a century in tech time.

  6. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    We finished watching Stranger Things – what a great show! The little girl who plays Eleven is such a fantastic actress. Actually, all the kids are awesome.

    I stayed up way too late, which meant I slept too much of the days away, so I was not as productive as I wanted to be.

  7. artdorkgirl says:

    I was weirdly busy, ya’ll. Star Trek friday night, which was a lot of fun, plus I got to see the Doctor Strange trailer in 3D. (#swoon). There was a terrible elderly lady sitting next to me, but I ignored her, even when she elbowed me and told me to put on my 3D glasses during a Coke commercial.

    Saturday was Flight of the Conchords and they were charming and funny and delightful! I got to scream out my undying love for Jemaine (who has taken residence in Hiddles spot if you’re keeping track) and he responded “yes, that’s nice, thanks for waiting until the concert was almost over to say that”. So, I’m famous!

    Sunday we went out to Castle Island which is super cool! It’s about a mile away from the Harpoon Brewery. I read the first volume of “The Wicked and the Divine” while my friends caught pokemon.

  8. FRQ says:

    I spent the majority of this past weekend at my sister’s place, hanging out with family. I did get a chance to see Star Trek, and like everyone else, I enjoyed it. Nothing mind-blowing, but a good, solid sci-fi action movie. Yesterday I spent way to much at both Target and an Italian restaurant, but I feel like the money was well spent in both situations. I capped off the evening with the first episode of Bojack Horseman. I liked it, but after what Theresa and other friends have said, I don’t know if I’m up for dealing with that type of subject matter.

  9. collin0truckasaurus says:

    I had a pretty good weekend. Friday night I went out with friends and then Saturday I hung out with the family all day which was great. Sunday mr. truck left for a work trip and I watched Happy Endings. That show is so great and canceled way too early!

    • martinmegs says:

      I can’t stop watching HE because every time I notice new jokes. Like in the Spring Smackdown episode, I just noticed this weekend that Dave ends up wearing the Angela Bassett pants when he, Penny, and Alex go over to help Brad and Jane make up. It was such a great show and I’m sad we don’t have more seasons.

      • collin0truckasaurus says:

        I like it because there are a lot of teeny tiny jokes that feel like someone just put in there because he or she liked it and didn’t care if anyone laughed, but those are often the best.

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