We Have a Trailer: Sherlock Edition

You guys…I’ll keep this brief.  This has been a garbage year.  You know it.  I know it.  And yet, the karmic gods have seen fit to grant me not one, but two new Cumberbatch trailers this weekend!

First up: New Sherlock!!!

You guys, do you think they were right about this being the last season???  I don’t want it to end!

Secondly, the newest spot for Doctor Strange:

It looks SOOOOOOO good you guys!  UGH!  Why isn’t it winter yet?

Let’s pick them apart in the comments, shall we?

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Amanda is working on her PhD at Boston University, where she is educating herself out of any useful career. She enjoys art, cats, and arguing about historical figures.
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12 Responses to We Have a Trailer: Sherlock Edition

  1. summerestherson says:

    So obviously you all know I love Benny boy, but that American accent seems…shaky at best. It seems better in this trailer than the teaser but, still.

    Also, there are two people named Benedict in Dr. Strange. TWO! Can you imagine?

    Sherlock!!!!!! Sherlock the show is like a bad, co-dependent relationship. No matter how much it jerks me around or how stupid it becomes, I keep going back time after time.

    Also, I know this is the Benedict thread but let’s talk about Hiddles in Kong. Tom and I are still in a fight, but hey the man looks DAMN GOOD in that trailer, yes?

    • artdorkgirl says:


      (jk. I’m intrigued for Kong, but his choices as of late have not been great)

      • summerestherson says:


        Ooh, have we had a Hiddleswift conpsiracy corner yet? What are your favorite theories? I like the idea that it’s all for some sort Lemonade style music video/film/performance art/media prank?

        • artdorkgirl says:

          Mine is that she knew the wrath of Kimye was coming down so she needed a distraction. He also thought it would boost his profile for James Bond, which, honey no.

          I like the elaborate video theory too.

        • summerestherson says:

          See I’m sure that’s the most logical theory (PR stunt), but it really makes me think less of Tom which makes me sad therefore…ELABORATE HOAX.

  2. catweazle says:

    The YouTube stills are like a handy guide to the evolution of B.Cumbs’s facial hair.

    I watched the Sherlock trailer yesterday and it looks way more tense/explosiony than usual which is… fine I guess? I actually just rewatched last year’s Christmas special and liked it a lot more than the first time because knowing that it is a coke-fueled fever dream from the onset is helpful. So I’m feeling a little more excited for the new season than before!

  3. FRQ says:

    I like Toby Jones, so I am board for season 4.

  4. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    My entire Facebook feed was trailers this weekend. Can I use this space to talk about the Walking Dead trailer?

    Obviously, there was no footage of anyone who might have gotten their head bashed in by Neegan because of course they are going to drag that shit out for as long as possible. But, apparently there is a new character WITH A TIGER. Sorry, the Walking Dead, but I think I’m done with you.

    • artdorkgirl says:

      I don’t know? Is Benedict in it? NO?

      Haha! I only follow the Walking Dead via friends, so I didn’t watch it. But someone has a tiger? In Georgia? Hmmmm…..

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