So, How Was Your Day?

I can’t even pretend to be interesting today. Nothing happened! I went to work and it was fine! Then I came home and it was also fine. That’s all I’ve got. I hope things were more exciting for you.

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32 Responses to So, How Was Your Day?

  1. artdorkgirl says:

    I took all of these pictures while I was out and about this spring for the class I’m doing this fall. I’m trying to put them in a power point so I can just drag and drop them in as appropriate and it’s SO BORING!!! Yet, every time I go online to distract myself, Donald Trump has said something that is so stupid it surpassing all known human levels of stupidity. GRRRR.

  2. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I have so much shit to do, and if I actually managed my time like a responsible person, I wouldn’t be so stressed about it.

    The silver lining to the stressful day is that we are making a pizza later, and Mr. Costco bought cupcakes the other night, so we also get dessert.

  3. The project I’ve been on for 3 and a half months and hated finally finished today. My boss turned our deliverable (a poster) into a giant paper airplane. It was cathartic throwing it around until it broke. Then I bought myself a donut and went on a walk.

  4. FRQ says:

    Just wrapped up a meeting that was supposed to take all day, but ended early, thank goodness. I like the people involved, but shit, being in a conference room for 7-8 hours is life draining. Tonight I have reservations at a restaurant that is considered the best new eatery in the city. One review snippet says their featured is “like a deconstructed almond joy made by the hand of an angel, but better.” I am looking forward to it.

  5. catweazle says:

    Work is nuts and I am stressed but I also got given a small unexpected bonus as a thank you for running that training thing that caused so much drama last week so could be worse!

    • martinmegs says:

      I would’ve been happy for you to get a bonus anyway but in light of our mortal enemy’s attempts to undermine you I am ecstatic! Suck on that, passive aggressive lady! I don’t know why I consider her my enemy, too, I think it’s because I was so outraged over what she did.

  6. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Today has been busy but I’m excited because I’m off the next two days. I’m going on vacation with my two best friends and it’s going to be very fun. We’re getting massages and mani/pedis and I got a bunch of profane adult coloring books that we will be getting drunk and coloring away our stress. Or maybe that’ll just be me while the other two hang out and watch. I have been planning for this new job’s test assignment to arrive on Friday and, while it’s not ideal for it to happen while I’m on vacation, I’ve been waiting for so long that I’ll be kind of disappointed if it doesn’t. I applied 6 weeks ago (I’m pretty sure I’m still in the running because the hiring manager emailed me).

  7. martinmegs says:

    I’m not so great today. My coworker and friend is in the hospital and we don’t know what’s wrong but she’s under sedation in the ICU so I’m really worried about her. Then I got an email that my family member is in the hospital but luckily it was a brief stay and they say everything is okay now (but my family tends to not be honest about how bad things are when people are sick). So I guess I just want everyone to be healthy and nothing else really matters, even the fact that I cried in the break room and now my face is all red and puffy.

  8. flanny says:

    I thought today was Tuesday up until about 3:30.

    Lunch was a catered picnic outside at the president’s house, and that was pretty nice. I sat next to my new coworker. It’s only her third day but already it feels like she’s been here forever in a good way! One of the profs brought her eleven-month-old Rottweiler named Pickles and she was such a good dog! I petted her for about five minutes and her ears felt like velvet. I was worried that the dog smell would stay on my hand and my cat would be bothered by it, but instead she purred against that hand and even licked it a bit. Should I adopt Pickles???

  9. Sota says:

    My day has been pretty panicky. Lots of client meetings today that no one told me about and so I spent my day scrambling to get things done as fast as possible. Then one of them got cancelled last minute. Of course. LAME. But when I didn’t have to pay attention on the conference calls I was researching prices of small retro RVs, cost of living in them etc. The boy and I may do a long RV trip for a while. It might be a pipe dream, but we are just starting to research it as a possible option.

    • flanny says:

      OMG that sounds crazy fun!

      • Sota says:

        Right?! We just aren’t quite ready to pick a city to settle down and do the suburban baby thing yet, so we are thinking of traveling for a while. I want to go visit a bunch of state parks and see Yosemite and Mt Rushmore and lots of other things that I don’t even know about yet! Any advice or recommendations would be great.

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