Scrunchies and Remotes: Sweet Valley Twins Update

Remember like a million years ago, I used to recap the Sweet Valley High tv show for this very blog? Well it has been a while (oops!) but your favorite California twins are still out there shaking things up! Brittany and Cynthia Daniel have started an instagram account that documents their travel adventures. The account is a fun mix of nostalgia photos of the twins…

As well as their present day travel adventures to Italy, Mexico and more.

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Ranch life…#minycows #travel #farmhand #cowgirl #precious

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Here’s hoping they end up with a travel channel show, because you know I would totally watch that…or maybe they would be willing to do a guest post for Tourism for Weirdos?  😉


[Source: Hello Giggles & Twin Travelers Instagram Account]

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5 Responses to Scrunchies and Remotes: Sweet Valley Twins Update

  1. flanny says:

    Ugg, I wish I was on vacation and also had a beautiful identical twin.

  2. Sota says:

    In other SVH news: You can have your portrait drawn by the artist who created the books…

  3. I really, really want that white dress in the second-to-last picture, never mind that maxi dresses look terrible on me.

    • Sota says:

      They have some seriously cute clothes. The white top, jeans and white sneakers in the bike picture I love too.

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