It’s Project Club Time!

Don’t have too much to share for this one.  I believe I mentioned a while back that I was able to enroll in a class next month that will grant me a certification upon completion.  The only downside is that classes begin the day after Labor Day, which for me traditionally is a time when I hang out with my friends from out of town 24/7 nonstop.  I guess I’ll have to be a grown up and abandon them Monday afternoon, so I’m not a zombie the next day.

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  1. hotspur says:

    As of this week I am officially back to writing the third part of the vampire trilogy, in order to get it up on Amazon before Halloween. (It’s set on Halloween, so that makes sense as a deadline.) Mostly it is written, but also, mostly it needs to be very rewritten. Therefore I am going down into the vampire bunker, you guys, for the next six to eight weeks. It is not the prettiest place to be, but it is where I have spent an inordinate amount of 2016.

    Other projects include seeing Ghostbusters, Cafe Society, and (tonight!) the live broadcast of MST3k riffing on Mothra! Mothra!! I am super psyched about the return of MST3k.

    • Commentatrix says:

      I feel like we should all be pronouncing “MST3k” as “mistake.” Is this already a thing?

      • hotspur says:

        There is a thing, and that is not it. The thing is to shorten it when speaking to “MST,” which sounds like “misty,” and so “misty” is how you pronounce it. I guess we could say, Commentatrix, that you have made… a “mistake.”

  2. catweazle says:

    I am officially ending my frugality goal because ever since I announced it I have been spending money like crazy. It’s like when you tell yourself “I’m going to start trying to lose weight” and within a week you’ve gained five pounds. Anyway this time I bought a $200 dress. But it’s really cute! And originally was a lot more expensive!

    The music school I go to is on summer break so I have two weeks off from class and in that time my new goal is to write a new song because I haven’t done that in aaaages even though I bought fun new recording equipment months and months ago.

  3. martinmegz says:

    I can’t even think about projects because I am in that bad situation where I have pending assignments for all three of my freelance gigs in addition to my actual full time job, which doesn’t happen often but is really stressful when it does.

    Here’s what I want to use my brain box for today: what the hell is going on with Ryan Lochte? Does anyone understand this story and can you please explain it to me??? He told his mom he got robbed then the police came to talk to him and he stuck to his story, but now it might be a lie? What is going on with the broken door? I saw speculation that they got robbed by prostitutes and lied to cover it up, but maybe they weren’t robbed at all? I need answers!

    • Sota says:

      I think it was probably just that they were wasted and being idiots and now they are caught in a big fat lie spiderweb.

      • martinmegz says:

        But why did they lie about it and double down with the cops and Matt Lauer!!!!! I’d understand if they got robbed somewhere they didn’t want to admit, like by prostitutes, and Lochte lied to his mom about it, but then when the cops showed up he should have said nah, forget it. Although it may be fruitless to attempt understanding such a beautiful idiot.

    • hotspur says:

      Ohhh, I hadn’t heard the prostitutes angle. That makes sense! Lochte is suuuper dumb so the best explanation is that he lost his wallet (or something) and wanted to tell his mom, but ALSO lost it under circumstances he didn’t want to tell his mom (e.g., hookers took it). Simple as that. He did not expect her to broadcast his lie to the whole galaxy, but once she did (because maybe she is no Einstein either) that is where his brainpower really kicked in and the complex thought in his head was “Stick to your guns! It will blow over!” instead of “The police are not going to buy my story the same way my mom does, and it might be illegal to lie to the police.” I will bet the other swimmers got roped in mainly because they are all 20 and members of a Big-Deal Winning Team, and that is a recipe where “loyalty to friends” trumps “hey common sense” in almost any situation you can imagine.

      Where it gets weirder is the police angle. Lochte never approached the police, right? They approached him. And now they are keeping it in the news, even though it doesn’t make them or Brazil look great (because every day it is in the news is a day we remember that Brazil is famous for crime and poverty and a fucked-up government). Plus what the heck are the cops complaining about if Lochte never pressed charges or filed a report — until they requested one? PLUS… did they approach him quietly and say “Just tell us if it was BS; it’ll be on the news that it was all a misunderstanding, no prob”? Or did they approach it all tough-guy, like “If you lied, we’re gonna jail you, shitweasel”? Which would prompt him to A) totally sustain the lie during the meeting and then B) get right the fuck on a flight out of there. Which seems to be what he did. Someone help me out here, but isn’t it weird that an Olympic athlete left before the Olympics ended? I’d stick around and soak up every minute.

      So my theory is hookers took it, he covered that up to his mom, she complained about Rio crime, the police felt embarrassed and leaned on him too hard, he sustained the lie to avoid immediate arrest, and then he fled; the other swimmers supported him because We Are a Team, and they considered they might also GTFO but decided, “It is too fun here and no one is going to come after us because 1) this is the Olympics, a two-week no-bummers zone of hope and triumph and 2) we didn’t actually DO anything so 3) game it out, bro, they have nothing to gain by making a scene with us. It’s Lochte’s mom they want.”

  4. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Last week I gave myself the very simple task of mailing 4 boxes and of the 3 steps that will take, I’ve completed 1 of them. I put the prizes in mailing envelopes and that’s it! (I gave them congrats cards that said “Enjoy your success!!”)
    While writing this out I decided to print out the package labels for the other 2 returns and I’m past the return date on one of the items! So now I’ve done 2 of the steps, I just need to keep one pair of shoes. Maybe I’ll end up loving them! (mustard yellow flats – they’re comfy but I thought they looked weird against my skin color)
    So, AGAIN, my one, simple project for this week is to box this shit up and send it all to the right places. Again, what is wrong with me?

    • martinmegz says:

      I’m telling you, you gotta get into the print and ship game. USPS will bring you mailing supplies for free. Flat rate is super convenient but I do weighted too for light stuff because it’s cheaper. I haven’t been to the post office is so long and I mail stuff all the time for work!

      • collin0truckasaurus says:

        Apparently I just need a butler or assistant. Can I just hire someone to do it? Can I just politely ask Mr. Truck to do it? That may be the only way it’ll actually get done.

  5. Sota says:

    Well mine are basically the same as last week because I ended up going to the cabin last minute to surprise my Grandma, so all of my projects from last week got postponed to this week.
    1. Complete the clothing clean out. – Still in motion, but its making progress.
    2. Consign/Donate – This Saturday my plan is to drop things off at the consignment shop. Anything they dont want is going straight from there to goodwill.
    3. Make a budget. – Need to do. Haven’t done it. Need. Need. Need. UGH. UGH. UGH.
    4. Bring books to donate to the workplace library. – They are sitting out and every morning I step around them but haven’t made an effort to actually bring them to the office. (slacker.)

  6. My only project this week is to make it through my first road race without crashing or throwing up. That’s it. I CAN DO IT.

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