Homeless Monsters

The Garbage Report: Divine Justice Edition


The flooding situation happening in Louisiana right now is terrible, between the actual awfulness of people dying/losing their homes/being forced to flee and the marked lack of media coverage (since I guess floods aren’t sexy enough to get clicks or something?). But there is one silver lining in this garbage cloud! Remember that shitstain lobbyist who believes natural disasters are God’s punishment for not killing/imprisoning the gays? Girlfriend’s home was one of the ones that got destroyed.

DeadState writes:

Although no one wants to celebrate a person losing their home, the destruction of Perkins’ house isn’t without irony, considering that he’s claimed in the past that natural disasters are God’s way of punishing an increasingly gay-friendly world.

I appreciate your coverage of this event but I must beg to differ with that first bit! I am most certainly celebrating this very fitting misfortune because some people are trash and deserve to have their lives ruined. If only there really was a vengeful god up there who aimed to punish assholes in such fitting ways!