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Desperate Attempts To Evade Predators

Even a Canadian boat will do. Via ViralViralVideos

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So, How Was Your Day?/Tourism For Weirdos, NYC: Hamilton Edition

Instead of telling you about my day, which was boring but fine, I’m going to tell you about my vacation, which was obviously a lot more interesting (still tell me about your day in the comments!). I went to NYC … Continue reading

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Thoroughly Testing The Results Of Making A Shopping Cart Go 73MPH

No cantaloupe is safe at such speeds. Via Road and Track

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Tuesday TV Talk

I made good on my promise this weekend to watch a bunch of stuff.  I finally saw Keanu, which I enjoyed, and the new-ish Hong Kong action movie The Bodyguard, which I did not.  On the TV front, Halt and … Continue reading

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Maybe I’m Better Off Just Smelling Like Beach Garbage

That doggone KFC is at it again. Via Eater

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How Was Your Weekend?

HI GUYS I’M BACK. I spent pretty much all of Saturday on a train, but I did get to stroll down 5th Avenue on my way to the station, feeling very fancy, and sit for a while outside Madison Square … Continue reading

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New Ways To Play A 36 Year Old Game

I know some of you have pets.  Get on it. Via EW

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It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

Happy Friday!  This is the first weekend in almost a month where I don’t have a GD thing planned.  Well, I’m supposed to meet friends for brunch on Sunday, but those aren’t actual PLANS, right? (no offense, friends).  I’ll probably … Continue reading

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Olympic Body Matching

Not sure if anyone ACTUALLY wanted to know this information, but here you go! The BBC has created a site where you can enter your Height, Weight and Age and find out who is competing in the Olympics that is … Continue reading

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Threaten Them

The real question is why the FUCK did you not book it as soon as you saw them? Via Tastefully Offensive

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